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Rising from the Ashes of Alt-Fest... But I am Trapped in a Caravan.

So next weekend I was all geared up to be performing in the Steampunk Zone at Alt-Fest.  It promised to be MAGNIFICENT with 180 acts including Marilyn Manson, Fields of the Nephilim,  Pete Murphy, Gary Numan... Basically a wet dream for an old goth like me. There was going to be a Circus zone, Circus of Horrors, a children's play zone, Steampunk Zone, Goth stage, Metal stage, Industrial,  on and on and lots more...  Mostly I will miss Joe Black doing disney for children... I will have to bribe him down my way for a private show...


Basically it promised to be lots and lots of mahvellous fun for the best family holiday plus seeing all my friends perform in Steampunk and other stages and the best gig opportunity in the world EVER!!


Sadly it all went tits up at the last minute.


And although there have been lots of rescue festivals springing up (Full Steam Metal Racket in Llanfyllin, The Curehead's Ctrl-Alt-Fest-Delete in Kettering and FLAG's SOS in London to name a few) AND I had an opportunity to play at the Steampunk Zone / SOPHIE one, certain factors like driving and my daughter and the issue that I had promised a family holiday... (and this being the only chance we were going to get at a semblance of a family holiday) meant that I am now destined to spend the weekend doing something completely different.




I have, however, made plans and all is not lost. I have a trip to Moscow State Circus planned in Miss Von Trapp costume, some firework displays to watch, and weather permitting a stay in the family caravan... and I will spend time recording some songs as well. Perhaps a mini album to release through my bandcamp page.


In some consolation, I did come up with the name for the Phoenix-like festival that has arisen from the Alt-Fest ashes...


For those of you still able to go to the Steampunk Alt-Fest Alternative I present THE WEBSITE for...




" *fanfare*


My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen - it is with great pleasure that we, your humble hosts, now proudly present - the brand-new and official festival website!




There's still a lot more content and information to be added over the next day or so but hopefully this will answer some of your most urgent queries.


In the meantime, please don't hesitate to continue to ask questions here [FB EVENT PAGE https://www.facebook.com/events/239384216202258/ ]


BB BlackDog and NeonTiger Productions UK Ltd"


And my next gig date is 20th September at The Hall, Exeter. Not to be missed!


The Apocalypse Song

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember when the end is come
It had to be this way
To save us all from going mad
When we were gone astray


 Oh tidings of apocalypse and doom
Apocalypse and doom
Oh tidings of apocalypse and doom.


 In mayan times in Mexico
The prophecy was writ
And carved upon a sacred stone
In hieroglyphs and grit
Yet which nobody would believe
One bleeding word of it




From NASA and from youtube
A blessed video came
Explaining how theyd got it wrong
And noone was to blame
How that in Mayan times the
Calculations werent the same




Fear not then, said the video
Let nothing you affright
There are no flaming fireballs
Or aliens in sight
So all of those who trusted in
The Mayans can't be right.




The people at those tidings
Rejoiced much in mind
And left their facebooks open
To frape and storm and wind
And went out drinking straightaway
How could they be so blind




And when they came to be outside
Where all the bodies lay
They found themselves in danger
The world in dissarray
And all the people kneeling down
Unto the Lord did pray




Now to the Lord sing SAVE US
All you within this place
And with true fear and brotherhood
Each other now embrace
This holy tide of death and fire
Our cities doth deface


Oh tidings of apocalypse and doom
Apocalypse and doom
Oh tidings of apocalypse and doom.


(c)MVT 2012