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Ticking Packages and Wild Women on The Town!!!

This link in classical_music reminded me of something similar that happened when I was in Liverpool...

High School evacuated due to metronome in student backpack []

This actually happened when I was staying at the university halls of residence with my ex-bf (who was doing an English Lit. degree)...the guy in the room next door was a student from N. Ireland...

At 6am one morning, two policemen knocked on the door and took him down to the police station to confirm the origin of a parcel...

They'd taken this parcel out of the mail because it was ticking...

Turned out he had to confirm that it was from his mother, who had thoughtfully posted him an alarm clock from Belfast!!!


I'm still sniffing and bunged-up...rotten cold...but I AM GOING OUT TONIGHT!!!

Will meet up with missbumpkin and a few other people in there...perhaps Jui-ehh!! too...

She's on the phone right now telling me all about all the Easter goodies in Whittards; which reminds me, I must stock up on White Chocolate cocoa and fancy coffee!!

She wanted to 'observe me making a hole in my face' today but I shall do it on week we might explore an empty house on her road, take a video camera perhaps!!

Blair Witch-Style squealing and running around no doubt;)

missbumpkin has had her labret done too...everyone is beating me to it atm...we may be both broke (we are) but we shall have a great time tonight I'm sure...

Might meet her and Jui-ehh!! at the Nowhere 'round 9pm...


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