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Bag of Mucus and Bones...

Food Consumed Yesterday
Dairylea Dunkers (Toy with them, then DESTROY them!), Cheese Salad Roll,
Half a cheese & tomato pizza, 2 mugs of coffee, 1 mug of tea,
2 cups of machine Cocoa, 4 cups of water.


Got into trouble at work last night because I swapped the computer chair at my desk for my bosses instead...the one I had was too wide and the back wouldn't adjust.

She got in a huff and told me when she went to the manager's meeting, our deputy hid her chair and got a large armchair from the 'break out' area and put that at her desk instead. Suffice to say, she was not best pleased;)


Highlight of last night's work conversation with Jui-ehh!! was a discussion about brain surgery...if they took off the top of your head like a teapot lid, how would they stick it back??

Jui-ehh!! didn't know how they'd do it, I suggested staples and superglue, someone else was convinced they'd leave it open, or put in a metal plate across the top of your head... Vinegar and brown paper isn't on the list anymore lol!!!

And I missed watching 'Basquiat'...had no idea it was on or I'd have set the video...saw the first 40 mins on lunch-break and then caught the end an hour later. Bugger!!!

Got home and watched an hour of GCSE French lessons on TV... I'm rather pleased at how much I remember from school, since I only did 3 years of it, then 5 years of Spanish instead... My speaking french is rotten, but my comprehension of the language in written form is still pretty good.

At least if I ever go to Paris (I WISH!!!) I can still get by with asking for food and other consumables...and telling people my name and address if I'm lost/require a taxi etc etc!!!

"Je voudrais un chocolat croissant et une tasse de café si vous plait!!"


(but I do have a tendency to put in spanish words where I shouldn't lol!!)

"Je voudrais un chocolat croissant y un cafe con leche por favor!!"



In Other News...

As always, I burn myself out doing theatre/shows etc...then have a brief period of being 'low' when I'm not doing anything but data entry...then that schedule changes (7pm-3am), my sleep and eating patterns get messed up and I get run down.

Then I get a stinky cold.

Yep, my nose is all blocked, my cough has gone to my chest, I can't breathe properly, I have a stupid stuffy headache and I feel rotten.


And I wanted to go in town today to meet up with Jui-ehh!!, have coffee and chocolate croissants, go to the art gallery and then to Tribal Voice to make a hole in my face (get my lip pierced), but felt too icky to get out of bed.

She'll be cranky with me tonight as I seem to always be ill whenever we arrange to meet up :((

It's not my fault though, and she didn't ring me to wake me as arranged...I expect she overslept too!!

I *will* be better by Saturday... I want to go to 'Black Catz' gawth nite... I've missed the last two months due to theatre business and apparently it's been rather good those two times:/





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