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Insomnia and Buddha Dolphin.


Tonight, sleep evades me.
I cannot grasp it.
It will not let me swoon in its embrace.

Not for me the sweet stumble into slumber;
I shall not lay my weary head
Soft upon my pillow.

Instead, my mutinous eyes have pinned themselves open --
Butterfly wings voluntarily trapped wide
With needles.

And the myriad voices in my head
Chatter and shout with playground abandon;
In wild cacophany --
Loud defiance of my lethargy --
My aching, tired frame.


So I couldn't sleep, and subsequently woke late at 3pm. Have done no tidying at all, and had a peculiar dream in which I was a male dolphin, unhappy that I stank of seaweed and saltwater...

I asked the head dolphin (who was Buddha in human form) if I could become a human...which I did...

Then, once the dolphin was a human, I became an unruly pirate...

Buddha dolphin came back for me and I was reprimanded for not using my human time wisely, then we had a massive fight...lots of running round between rooms on a pirate ship while it was sinking, before I was finally caught by Buddha and sent back to the sea.

My human female companion (also me) jumped into the ocean with me, sharing what was left of our human oxygen in kisses on the way down to the ocean floor, till our human forms died and she became a stinky seaweedy dolphin we sank to the bottom of the ocean and went on our way back to the dolphin city together, having learned our lesson!!


So what does it mean?

Use my time on earth wisely? Act like a twat and you'll still get the girl? Or do you think I simply need a bath before work tonight;)

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