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Lethe and Lethargy!

This food lack situation is beginning to take its toll on me.

I've slept from 5am till 3pm, in a peculiar sleepy fog yet unable to get out of bed... I feel lethargic and sluggish and bleh! I'm kind of hazy and lacking in energy...really need to tidy the kitchen and living room; if I got broken into they'd think someone else had got there before them; yet I don't have the enthusiasm or inclination to do so.

I feel like I'm travelling along through a tunnel...sleep, foggy awake, staring at the computer screen all night with my eyes going fuzzy...then home to bed again.

I'm drinking black tea because I've tried it with the powdered milk from the cupboard, but it's more like a suspension which, if you don't drink it fast enough, will sink and become sludge at the bottom before you've got there... Yesterday I ate a cheese and onion slice, a packet of crisps, pepperami and a kit-kat at work, ate nothing else all day...and drank nothing but water.

Today I expect I shall do the same... I need to go to the shop to get some provisions, but I feel glued into the chair here...melted into it that I can't lift myself to go and get something to eat even if I want to.

I know this is because I've been exerting myself all weekend without proper nourishment, and that (whilst I have got thinner/lighter in the process) eating would solve this problem...but I'm so tired that I can't even be bothered to eat...each mouthful of even a slice of bread seems like an effort, and I'm not really interested in it anyway.

Actually, even thinking of going and getting the bread out, finding a knife and buttering it seems like hard work!!

I ought to go out to the shop at least...I'm going to work at 6pm until 3am as usual. Then walk home (half an hour fast-paced effort), slump into bed...

I'm going to have to force myself into action tommorrow...clear out the kitchen, get some proper food... But I know that if I do cook something I won't be all that interested when it's ready.

Always happens that way!

Perhaps I should go and take a vitamin? I have a load of multi-vits, evening primrose etc etc in the kitchen cupboard...but I can never be arsed with the effort of swallowing them lol!!

*just thump me*

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