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Mad Weekend Coming Up...(most likely on an empty stomach)

Been very busy these last couple of days with band practices 3pm to 9pm then work till 6am...

My freezer defrosted itself yesterday (too much ice and the door wouldn't shut), and now I have no food until the end of the month as all the food in it was defrosted and I'm utterly flat broke; too late to save anything as it happened while I was at work:/

11 days till PAYDAY!!
(I have less than 10 pounds to my name until then...)

I'm going to bed in a minute, got to be at the Cooperage tommorrow with 'Ruby Jive' and my 'cello at 6pm for run-throughs, soundchecks etc before the doors open at 7:30...we'll be on first at about 8:30pm. Going to wear gothy makeup, corset and black pvc trousers... Won't drink too much after, as I have to get home 'round 11pm...and I have no money to buy any anyway...

I have to be at theatre by 11am Sunday morning for the last Weird Cabaret show. Runthroughs all day, doors open at 6:30pm, show in the evening, finishing 'round 9:30pm...then clearing up until midnight.

I'm switching shifts next week so that I work 7pm to 3am instead (but still get paid nightshift rate)...they're doing this because lates can't cope with the mail means I won't be able to attend theatre on weds/thurs evening til after the 15th Apr at the latest... But to be perfectly honest, I need a break after Weird Cabaret runs etc, and it will be nice to get home earlier in the morning so I can do more during the day.

There's plenty to be going on with for now anyway!!!

Ok, off to bed...nothing to eat, so I may as well go and sleep instead;)


eldritch00 posted this really interesting link...GO READ!!:

Sartre & Peanuts
Nathan Radke claims that Charlie Brown is an existentialist.

What cartoon dog are you?

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