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Pause for reflection...but a busy weekend approaches...

Was rather tired after all that work amount of coffee helped and I've come to the conclusion that I've drunk so much of it at work over the last year and a half (and abused far too many Pro-Plus tablets) that I'm now immune to caffeine unless it's in Red Bull or Coca Cola!! Even then I just get a 'happy half-hour' (i.e. hyper) and then I'm tired again...

Perhaps it's time to try guarana? I'm not going to do amphetamine again...went through all that when I was 17/18 back in 1990/91, and whilst I *was* a skinny waif with boundless energy, it didn't really do me any good concentration-wise during my A-levels lol!!

Got to band rehearsals at 12:40, everyone else turned up at about 1pm so Spikey and I went out for coffee and chips...had to totally re-tune my 'cello with the pegs as the strings had slipped in transit. I *hate* that... I always get scared that the string is going to break while I'm twisting the stupid wooden pegs at the top, and then spring up and stick me in the eye... (which it did once, and I had a cut under my eye for a week or so!).

Once tuned up, I spent 20 minutes going over scales and improvising with the group while they went through some other songs, and then got miked up and worked on the song I'll be accompanying.

Worked out a really nice bass-line plus melody for the chorus...more a viola part than anything else as its mainly in 3rd and 4th/5th position on the A-string, though I drop an octave to 1st position on G during the verses (ooh scratching away on the G-string between my legs hehehe).

(The potential for innuendo with 'cellists is far-reaching)

Sounds rather nice, especially when coming through the PA with keyboards, vocals, drums, electric guitar etc... The song I am playing on is 'Don't Worry' by Appleton. Plenty of space to fiddle about with, and I have it now on cd to practise with before we meet up again next Tuesday.

Made a vague attempt at writing down what I'd played afterwards, but, as I can't really remember how to write notation, I wrote it down in more an invented 'tablature' style than anything... String I'm on, then fingering positions, with rhythm and slurs, up and down bows etc marked along in a line. It makes sense to me anyway, and that's the important bit!!

Dad came down and collected my 'cello at half-past four, following which I stuck around till about 5pm and then went on to theatre. Bumped into a guy who is related to a band member in the theatre bar...and who hasn't seen the band member in many years...(can't tell who, in case it gets read here) and he will be attending the gig on the 20th to surprise him... *cryptic face*

Theatre rehearsals began at 6pm... We worked through all the sequences and were noted after every section... Ran through all the songs, and generally wore ourselves out all evening without a break until 10pm. I have rehearsals for the 'Object Box' sequence on Friday at I'll have to get up early tommorrow, next call after that is 10am - 6pm on Saturday (though I'll be in at 11 so as to have *some* sleep) and Sunday, 11am til Midnight with the show in the evening and staying around to do the get-out afterwards.

Work was dull; had a conversation with Jui-ehh!! about the possibility of training Octopuses (sp?) to type...would they just use eight legs, or would you glue on one sucker per key??

Had to go home at 2am because my flatmate (10yr ex-bf back staying in the other room temporarily till he gets a flat) was ill and needed dealing with...rang the doctor at about 3am, and got to bed at approximately 4am, dog-tired!!

Still, at least I didn't have to stay in work till 6am...and had an extra two hours sleep as a result:)

Just doing laundry and relaxing this afternoon...going to theatre for 'A-Live' at 6:45 until 10pm, then it's off to work again.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!


More Favourite Art

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Random Meme swiped from random_c

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Considering joining a convent lol!!

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