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Vocal Rehearsals, Gigs and more Gigs...

Yes, it's nearly 11pm and I've been out all day and evening: what a dirty stopout am I!?!

Got to theatre rehearsals at 11am this morning...learning songs today. Went through all of them, working out melodies, harmonies etc...and a 'vocal noise' piece for sequence one of the show next sunday. Went to Subway for, chocolate muffin, 6 inches of a hearty italian with salad and whatnot...

More vocal rehearsals until 3pm and then I wandered off to the Cooperage where Spikey, Nick, Ruby and some other people were practising for a gig on the 20th; spent some time playing around with the bass guitar...worked out a bass-line for one of the songs which I then taught Spikey. Probably will be playing my 'cello for one of the songs during the gig, so I'm required at rehearsals Wednesday afternoon before Weird Cabaret rehearsals...then more later in the week and next week before the gig...

Was done with that by 7:30pm...Spikey and I wandered up to MacDonalds, then on to The Phoenix, where some other friends of mine were gigging...

Chris did his 'hari-kiri-karaoke' punk comedy set...songs such as 'I'm In Love With Your Mum' etc etc, which was damned good as ever...then Ralphy's new band (DevilRiders) played their set...

Ralphy has been gigging for a few years, and got a new group together a few months ago; they plays rockabilly stuff that he writes...though he did two fantastic rockabilly versions of Soft Cell : Tainted Love and Depeche Mode : Behind The Wheel...and finished with a Clash cover...

Took some photos...his girlfriend had done his makeup and he had a white face with some black pattern on one cheek lol...and he'd sprayed his rock-solid quiff thing bright red lol!!

Also met up with Charlotte, who I haven't seen in nearly 11 years!!!

We left at about 10:15...the last band on were a raucous middle-aged rock group and were too loud. Walked home, having some pizza and a bottle of red before I go to bed. Have to go up to my mothers house tomorrow to print out the poetry I'll be reading at the open mic night tomorrow.

What a fun and productive day!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :))

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