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Don't forget to breathe!!!

*shaking and shivering*

First theatre nightmare : Just woke up and feel utterly freaked out.

It went on for what seemed like several hours, with lots of detail...this is a shortened version...the 'key points' of what I remember...

Was doing some performance of Weird Cabaret in a hotel bar which was going horribly wrong, friends were leaving etc...Mark was horribly drunk and being sick everywhere...I was the only one sober.

Got everybody back to the place we were staying...a bit like work, but with chairs and a dormitory where the breakout area should be... Some other actors arrived after having done some other project...we spoke to them and waited for ages for Mark to come back. He was in a meeting...didn't show up so we all fell asleep in the chairs...

Woke up (still within the dream) after having nightmares within the dream of walking down a road into blackness and then being unable to see, and unable to walk out of the blackness...another one in which I was attempting to climb some sort of ladder in the dark but kept slipping back down; two of many dreams...

Upon waking, found that I'd fallen asleep in the bathroom with a plastic chair on top of me...saw a long list of 'dream-types' with a scale to indicate where I'd got to on that scale in terms of 'managing' the fear situations...

Was consoled by a friend...discovered that the dreams I'd been having were following some sort of experimental pattern.

Went back to the dormitory and asked if anyone else had just had nightmares...they all had. Thinking we've been set up by Mark as part of the Weird Cabaret research, as the theme this time is 'Madness'.

We realise that we are sleeping in an old converted asylum.

There is a small black dog in my bed.

I get in and start to snuggle it in, but it turns demonic and starts attacking my throat and face...I hold it at arms length by the throat, twisting its body round 365 degrees many times, but it is still going for me. Screaming for help, my friends attempt to get it off me, and we try an exorcism on it which fails. We stuff its mouth with socks, but it moves them around and keeps looking at me out of its half-shut green eyes.

The dog feigns death, after spitting out the communion wafer we'd put in its mouth.

Then I woke up, in the dark...absolutely bloody terrified. Lying in the dark in abject terror. Even putting the light on didn't help, so I got up and have written it down in an attempt to exorcise it...pathetic attempt at catharsis.

...I usually only have these dreams if I overindulge on red wine...but this time it's stress and exhaustion from yesterdays rehearsals *grumble*

Still calming down now, cranky and jumpy.

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