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Bed Beckons.

I'm shattered.

Got to sleep about 7am this morning, set my alarm for 9am...

But woke up (late) at 10:30...rang my director blearily to say I was on my way before my eyes were even properly open...and then a taxi immediately after.

(My phone is beside the bed)

Got up, rushed about...put on odd socks and managed to drink half a mug of coffee before the taxi arrived...

Ran out carrying my coat and barely able to see or speak coherently.

Straight into rehearsals as soon as I got there...doing a lot of stuff...worked damn hard until 1:30 when we broke for lunch for half an hour.

Yummy bowl of butterbean and spinach soup with a crusty hot bread roll.

Continued rehearsing till 6pm...knackered and a lift home via Sainsburys.

Have to practice eating raw red onion for the show next Sunday as part of a piece...better go and buy a bag of 'em tommorrow.

I'm going to be *so* popular at work on Wednesday, as we'll be running the piece during evening rehearsals lol!!

Was supposed to be going to the pub in an hour to meet missbumpkin but I've just cancelled as I'm dog tired and can't keep my eyes open...

Going to bed now. Bye!


In other news: I shall be attending an </b>Open Mic night</b> at theatre on Monday...

It's 'International Women's Day' and I shall be reading some of my poetry.

Bit nervous, but 'twill be fun...I'll be on at 8pm-ish as I have to go to work at 9pm as usual.


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