Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

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My night is coloured headache grey...

Gawd, I was piss-bored at work tonight...wrote this piece on data entry:

Eye Drone

White Walls
Tappity Tap
White Screens
Tappity Tap

Eye count
Eye calculate
Eye percieve

Locked in this box a steady hum --
Hum Drum
Tappity Tap
Flicker and Drone
One bee in an incessant chattering hive

Eye break
Eye multiply
Eye ache
Eye sting

The clock ticks
Tickety Tock
Tappity Tap
And the hour
Drags itself --

Steadily --

Towards its


Tappity Tap
Clickety Clock

Clock Off.


Better go to bed and get a couple of hours sleep...I'm in theatre for rehearsals from 10am till 5pm today:/


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