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Thought Essays

This was actually a reply I posted to one of my friends, but I thought I'd share it here as well in the vain hope that others on my friends list would find it useful;)

(proper theatre-based post when I get up again 'round 2pm-ish)


Thought Essays and writing in general

I would certainly recommend setting a mood for writing...nobody could hope to produce decent material in an area which is akin to my data-processing environment...'plug in cd, zone out, type like a mentalist'... No mental room to think about anything mundane, let alone an intrinsically creative process...

I was reminded just now of a process which my ex-bf (graduate of Liverpool University, English Lit...with a first, the swine!) undertook with the instruction of his professor, Bernard Beatty.

He was told to sit in a comfortable chair, with the lights dimmed or candle-light (we had candles) and to attempt a method of exploration called a 'Thought Essay'

I asked him to remind me what that actually meant...I was present at the time, and it was quite a profound experience of thought-process...

To paraphrase what he told me:

"The thought essay wasn't a planned essay, but the idea was to transcribe and present for the tutor a clear and mappable session of thought : one of the questions to ponder was 'what is a now?'/'what is a moment'. They were anti-essays in a sense because they were specifically and deliberately unplanned and were instead the transcription of a set period of reflection on the given topic."

While it is not a practical method of essay-writing as such, it can be used to formulate ideas and get you 'in the zone' as 'twere...


Off to evaluate my own mental processes...ahh the somnambulistic stumble into slumber!!!

Bed beckons:)

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