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Yesterday was a super-fantastic day!!

Walked into town wearing my flary 1950's style black taffeta skirt, purple stripy socks, pointy boots, black velvet top, black twinset-style cardigan, big furry grey coat and black furry hat with black satin fingerless gloves on and a rope of purple/black metal jewels...looked altogether far too glamorous for a jaunt into town...surely there was an award ceremony happening somewhere that I should have been attending lol!!

Met Shauny in town at 1:30pm...he's one of my friends that I went to Mardis Gras in London with last year. I actually got into town at one, so popped into Topshop for a pair of fishnet stockings and some over-the-knee socks in dark grey and black and also bought a very pretty black metal and purple rose hairclip in Claire's Accessories while I was waiting...

We went to Dingles (House of Fraser) for a cappuccino...then a wander through the toy section and on towards the Barbican...

Got to the Mayflower Steps (which is where those Pilgrim Fathers left for America) and jumped on the boat over to Mount Batten...where we wandered along the breakwater and took some superb photos of the sea, boats, landscape, rocks, us etc etc etc...

Had a drink in the pub over there...and got the boat back again at about 4pm...following which we took ourselves along to Subway and giggled over 6 inches of a Hearty Italian...

(It's a bread roll, OKAY??)

Ate in because it was too damn cold and windy, then wandered up to Cafe Rouge for a pot of tea (HOW MUCH TEA?? IN A BOAT, YOU SAY??) and a rasberry cake swimming in a huge lake of cream, which we scoffed like the greedy two we were, and sat passing comment on all the talent (or lack of) in the restaurant...

There is a game called 'Meanwhile' say 'meanwhile' during conversation to indicate someone worth looking at lolol!! (better than 'clock-face' as I don't have to think about it...)

Once our culinary needs were sated we went wandering round the back of St.Andrews Church in town...showed Shauny the gravestone in the path with my name on it...which I scared my schoolmates with when I was 6 lol...and took some posey photos in the doorways of the medieval buildings there.

Then went up through town to take some photos of buildings they are pulling down...Burtons in particular. Shame to see that go...many happy retail memories...and ended up finally going along to the Arts Centre to see 'Sylvia' at 6pm.

'Sylvia' was rather good...a bit heavy-handed at times and the repetition of the musical theme was slightly too much to bear, but it did not demonise Ted Hughes as I'd expected it might... Although I might have missed this, because I was mostly drooling at the actor playing him, (Daniel Craig), ahh me and my fixations of a Heathcliff/Cathy nature...he was rather dark and brooding...

*swoons dramatically*

*opens an eye and looks about*

And, of course, the ending wasn't unexpected for me either as I've read a fair amount of both Plath's and Hughes' poetry and history anyway; so no film-based surprise denouement there...

I mostly couldn't get over the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow looked so OLD!!

We saw the trailer for Bertolucci's 'The Dreamers', and unanimously decided that we MUST go and see it when it's shown in two weeks time...

Who could resist??


After we were done at the cinema, we went to the of the oldest pubs in my city, dating back to the 16th century...thankfully, they've modernised the loos since I was in there longer do you have to trek out to a shed in the yard behind the pub lol!

There was a folk group playing seriously dodgy covers of Bon Jovi, Ugly Kid Joe etc etc...and asking 'have you all been drinking cider?'...just after I'd made a joke about locals and cider-drinking hehe...

I was almost crying with laughter into my coke!!

Obviously, we got out of there sharpish and headed for The Nowhere instead...

Shauny had never been in there before...and rather liked the battered old film posters that are pasted all over the walls...said it reminded him of a seedy den of iniquity he'd been to in London; short trek down a back alley behind the Savoy...

Had another quick beer, then we walked back through town to get a taxi home at about 9:30...

All in all, a very very busy, fun-filled day...

I'll be sure to post some pictures later...Shauny appears to have crashed terminally off MSN because he was trying to send me 50 photos all at once lol!

I expect he's given up and is burning them to cd:)

In the's another favourite artist of mine:

Edward Hopper : New York Movie


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