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Everything is lost and your trust lies broken...

I have been a very bad girl.

A very very bad girl.

I was supposed to be going to Black Catz goth nite, to meet up with alienfox and also tylorva, who had never been before...

I really seriously wanted to go. I intended to go...

But, at 6pm, I made the stupid mistake of deciding upon a brief respite from being vertical and retired to my bedchamber with a book.

I was going to have a bit of a rest (as you may be aware, I was up from 6am yesterday) and read some worthwhile literature (as in, non-vampire based fiction; still on the Conrad book) for a couple of hours before corsetry prevented me from slouching for the remainder of the evening...had a couple of sudafed to combat a vaguely stuffy head...

Needless to say, said book ended up on the floor as I stumbled drowsily into Lethe (aka - my duvet) with very little protest indeed. As I lay there, Chatterton-stylee, the lure of a big squashy Snoopy became too much to bear and I was into the dreaming before you could say 'Jack Robinson'.

(It's a well-used phrase from the Mr.Men series by Roger Hargreaves...I often use it, though I do supplant 'Jack Robinson' for all manner of things for my own amusement)

I *was* awoken briefly at 8pm by alienfox. I thanked him heartily for rescuing me from a dream in which the walls and ceiling were covered in red mould, there were brown velvet curtains stapled to the walls and four babies of unknown origin crawling on a bed... But then I fell asleep again...

I believe he rang me again later, attempting to coax me out with promise of bottles...but I was too far gone into the Land of Nod by then to fully appreciate any of this.


And I missed out on the absinthe will be another whole month till the next Black Catz...


Well, it's a sunny and bright day today...I woke with a rotten headache and a very persistent cough...resurgence of the Great British Cold(tm).

I must have gone under the duvet and suffocated myself in pursuit of warmth...

I will be going out later...meeting Shauny (aka. 'Harvey Nick's Socks Rock!'). We shall be taking tiffin in Dingles followed by a sunday parade along the seafront...then a boat trip to some pub or other, all the while taking glamorous photos of the pair of us poseurs behaving in an Ab-Fab manner hehe...'t'will be an utter riot!!

(daahling schweetie mwah)

In the meantime, I must make a few apologetic phone calls...

I'll get off here now, but leave you with two more pictures from my 'favourite art' collection:

Millais : Ophelia
This is what I think about when I'm in the bath!

Henry Wallis : Death Of Chatterton
This is what I think about when I'm in my bed!

The painting was exhibited with the following quotation from Marlowe:

'Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight
And burned is Apollo's laurel bough.'


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