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More Influential Art : the downward spiral of my childhood psyche...

Continuing from an old post a couple of months back, in which I cited Hieronymous Bosch as a major influence on my artistic sensibilities ( Visions of Hell )...I'm going to intermittently post a few other pieces of eight art that have inspired me over the years...

(Truth being, I can't find my old art books as the bulb has blown in the downstairs hallway...I have SO MANY books that some of them are currently boxed lol!) is the turn of Aubrey Beardsley and Albrecht Duhrer inside the cut :

Aubrey Beardsley : Salome : The Climax

Albrecht Duhrer : St Michael evicting Lucifer from Heaven

Albrecht Duhrer : The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Perhaps this explains why I'm slightly warped??

(That and indulging in Rocky Horror dress-up fun from the tender age of 14 onwards...)



Why does 'Holes' by Mercury Rev always make me feel like crying (yet not in a miserable way)??
The music is sublime, his voice is so cracked and 'shivery'...the video for the track itself is...indescribable...



Left Hand - Right Hand - Both

Left Hand
Racquet sports
Lifting dishes out of the rack/Picking things up
Using my mobile - calling AND texting
Eating chocolate bars or other small foody items
Catching a ball (small beanbag one)

Right Hand
Painting/Drawing etc
Using a mouse

Pouring the kettle
Using the tv remote control
Putting on makeup/dressing

Seems to me that 'right hand' has been taught and 'left hand' is instinctive...hmmm...

First step forwards when going from a standstill to walking or kicking things is my left too...

Ok, I'll go now.

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