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Nothing to do with Eminem...

*takes a moment to collect her thoughts*

Christ, 'A-Live' last night ended up being mostly 'Perception of Self Theology 101'...

Did a hec of a lot of talking, and not an awful lot of playing, though the stuff we did do was thoroughly enjoyable...we are steadily becoming a discussion group, with an aim now to work on a piece in a particular style for the Theatre-Do festival in mid-May...

We were exploring our own perception of self, and the perceptions of self that others have of us...the reasons why they may make these assumptions to our character, what they base it on; whether or not it stems from pre-conceived notions of character-type or from what we selectively put out...

We wrote 'Who Am I?' and 'What do I want?' on a piece of responses were thus:

Who Am I?
An adult with an inner childish outlook that does not want to accept adulthood.

What Do I Want?
To be loved and liked by everybody.

Went on to discuss our responses...yes, more talking...

Then we wrote on the board :

Who am I if I'm NOT who you say I am?
(which made me think of that damned Eminem lyric lol!)

Khasrow wrote :

"My 'Me' (as in inner-self) is a child that did not grow up, your (as in other peoples perception) 'Me' is a gap (as in lacking the internal information)"

This actually applied to a lot of us in the room, myself included, and provoked a lot of debate.

Rod then asked us to write down who we wanted to be/emulate when we were younger...superheroes if you response was:

'Who did I want to be when I was younger?'

Robin Of Sherwood

(and an American Indian Brave, a Gypsy, a witch, a Roman Soldier, Dr. Who, an ancient Egyptian, Mark from 'Battle of the Planets' and the man who did the miner's train ride for tourists at Morwellham Quay...etc etc)

Then we acted the traits of these 'superheroes' and discussed whether or not we have achieved the traits of the individuals that we used to admire...

This, again, produced a lot of we had the Duke of Wellington, Che Guevara, Lenin (which Aso had spelt 'linen' and pronounced it the same way lol), Morten Harket from A-ha! (swoon), a Zulu, two Robin Hoods (Katka was him too!), the leader of the ThunderCats, Posh Spice (from the Spice Girls) and a couple of others in the room all at once lol!!!

Personally, I don't know. I suppose I was more engrossed in playing inside my head as a child, and didn't really emasculate the specific traits of anybody... I spent most of my time alone in the woods/fields and countryside BEING these people rather than idolising superheroes as such...

In a way, I still behave like I clearly haven't fully progressed into adulthood lol!! I enjoy personifying characters - in my theatre life and the fetish scene; which I only really enjoy because I can 'dress up' in pvc/satin/corsetry and because it gives me an opportunity to 'pretend' and play at being dominant...whereas I'm really, beneath my extrovert facade, rather soft, thoughtful and quiet.


At this point in the discussion I cited two previous livejournal entries of mine, which I must print up for Rod...

In which I ponder the nature of livejournal, and online personas in general.

In which I ponder the frightening possibility of encroaching adulthood...and that I ought to be one!

Thankfully, at this point, we had a fag break.

Cue intense discussion of Kafka, Berkoff, Orwell etc etc.

Went on upstairs after this...and began to discuss performance ideas...Zsesiek (sp? christ, none of us could even pronounce it, he and Katka are from Poland) had an idea for mirroring the audience...20 mins of identical seating on the stage, so that we came in with the audience and sat opposite them, mirroring what they did for 20 mins...seeing if they'd catch on...then the lights would go down, come up and we'd applaud them...

Genius!! We will expound on that one for certain!!

Had some other ideas, but ran out of time at 10:15pm...after which Khasrow, Aso, Lili, Jeremy and I walked up to town (they were going on to Voodoo Lounge)...

The moon last night looked simply AMAZING!!! A perfect crescent above the park with stars glittering in the night sky...too cold to get the camera out, but I might do so later on this evening. Might dig out the old lunar eclipse photos from a few years back and scan them too...make an anim gif perhaps?

I could have come along with them for a few drinks and brave the nightmare that is the student population of this city until 2am, but wanted to get home and warm...go to bed and dream...

Which I did at approximately 11:30pm.

Now I'm up, it's bloody cold.




Used to wear this hat all the time when I was being 'Lydia' from 'Beetlejuice' back when I was about 18...

"Live people ignore the strange and unusual; I, myself, am strange and unusual"


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