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IT SNOWED! IT SNEWED!! IT SNOOD!! *pokes out tongue to catch a flake*

By the time I left the house at 4pm yesterday to go to theatre for Weird Cabaret, I was already rather I'd been awake since 6am, and hadn't eaten anything in particular other than a quarter of chilli chicken pizza and a tomato cup-a-soup all day!!

Whilst I was walking up to Stoke Village to hand in the camera film with all the night photography on (will have it Saturday, wheeee!!!), it began to SNOW!!! Lightly at first, then the sky was full of it...this got me feeling rather childish and excited, and thus I got the bus into town grinning like a loon...people probably thought I was three sandwiches short of a picnic or whatever lol!!

But the snow was too damp, and didn't 'stick' on the ground long enough for it to settle...was rather nice and 'soap-flaky' as it fell someone was sat upon the big dirty grey cloud above tipping a box of Daz (random soap powder brand) out over the world...

Bloody cold though, thank gawd I was wearing my black cosy furry hat, big fluffy black scarf and my grey fake fur duffle-coat...the lining of which severely needs replacing as it is in shreds; my mother bought it for herself over 30 years ago and I stole borrowed it when I was 18 lol!!

Makes me feel like a movie-star;)

Had a coffee to wake up when I got into theatre at 5pm... This had the reverse effect unfortunately and I almost fell asleep in the bar...all of us were sitting there feeling sleepy. Perhaps it was a combination of the cold, a general air of lethargy and the quiet slow music that the bar had over the speaker system.

I'm waxing lyrical today aren't I? LOL! Probably because it's so damn quiet in this flat burbling in the background, cd player wittering away to itself on the computer...and cold and bright outside...

Hope it snows again and settles this time...I'll be out in the park outside my house, making Snow Angels on my back in it lol!!

Ok, Weird Cabaret rehearsals began at 6:15pm-ish...we worked on 'affirming whispers'...going up to each other (this would, in performance, actually be going up to members of the audience in the bar) and whispering nice things about them in their ear at very very close contact..."You have the most amazing eyes..." etc etc... I told Martin that he had a perverted grin, he told me I looked like Kate Bush...swine!!

Then we worked a sequence that follows on from 'affirming whispers'...this begins with everybody whispering to the audience member "Do you ever hear voices inside your head"...if they reply "Yes", you re-ask using their response as the first part of the question... "Yes, you do, you do hear voices inside your head?" and so on using whatever they say...

We also have a sequence in which one of the cast members (NOT myself, I made that VERY clear), has all their long hair shaved off in front of everybody and their head and face painted with purple which point we break into a chorus of "I feel pretty shitty"...

It gets worse...and that's just part of the first sequence of the three that make up the piece...

I've a feeling we may be using some of the songs I've researched too... I'll post more as I know more, but I don't want to give away any spoilers as of yet...anything could change in the next week or so anyway...

Usually does.

Anyway, following all this we went to the pub. Jojo got accosted by a drunk bloke who wanted to shake his hand as he'd recognised him from his "Summer of Love" fetish tv doc series (which, incidentally, has my friend alienfox and his SubCultural group on it)...sat around until nearly eleven nursing a nice pint of Worthingtons Cream, and got Ali's number off her before I left...

She and I might go to see 'Sylvia' (Not Saliva, as my spazz-fingers nearly typed lol, but the biopic of Sylvia Plath) at the Arts Centre Cinema this week/next weekend. Otherwise, I'll be going on my own, as missbumpkin, who is my regular cinema company, is on holiday in Prague.


I'd have loved to go, but there is the problem of cashlack and the big one being that I don't actually possess a passport lol!!

Well, I've rambled on enough...I think I need coffee...

Going out later, and then I have 'A-Live' rehearsals in the evening from 7pm onwards...though I shall be in theatre from 6pm no doubt!

Hooble Toodle Doo!!


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Oh bloody 'ell...GM:TV are running a writer's short story competition...YUCK!!
They'll shortly be inundated with a mountain of crap from housewives who 'have a book inside them'. *intellectually snobbish groan*

And following that on the same morning crappy programme...a PEDICURE USING WHITE CHOCOLATE????


(which reminds me, I haven't had any yummy Green & Blacks Orange Spice Dark chocolate in at least two weeks...where's me wallet??)

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