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Now I'm living my life backwards...too much DAYLIGHT!!! ARGH!!! (I'm melting)

Whether the weather be cold,
or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather,
Whatever the weather...
Whether we like it or not!

I've successfully managed to reverse my sleep pattern!!


Been up since 6am today... Rather than leaving work at that time and being in bed by 8am, I went to bed at 8pm yesterday instead...

Slept very soundly and happily, but I must have slept in a draught (my room is a veritable wind-tunnel and damn icy-cold) as I have woken with a sore throat. Bleh!!

I'm remedying this with a hot glassful of Twinings Blackcurrant, Ginseng and Vanilla fruit tea and a couple of ibuprofen lol!! I'd better not go down with an ague on my week off...that would suck, and I can't NOT go to theatre anyway as we have a show in two weeks lol!!

(everybody I know at work gets ill on their holiday...I don't want to join the statistic)

Anywho, I'm going to be busier today than yesterday, as I have a whole lot of stuff to be going on perhaps...meeting a couple of friends in town maybe, and have to be at theatre at 5pm for Weird Cabaret rehearsals/devise session with a trip to The Dolphin for alcoholical consumption afterwards...

That should remedy a creeping cold, should it not??




Oh, emailed this to my director (the Weird Cabaret theme is 'Madness' if you haven't already perused my previous research entries)...

...bit shit really, but it made me laugh when I wrote it...probably won't use it though;)

To the 'Dedication' Record Breaker's Theme:

OH, Medication
Medications just what you need!
When you feel you cannot cope
And you're swinging on a rope...

Mmm...Medications what you need.

Medication, that's what you need!
If you've gone and lost the plot,
Saw the wrong thing in the Rorschadt blot...

Mmm...Medications what you need.

Medication, that's what you need!
If you wanna fail the test,
Get strait-jackets like the rest...

Mmm..Medications what you need.

Medications just what you need!
It'll turn your world to grey
All the colours they will fade away...

Oh yeah...Medications what you need.

If you wanna be committed later, yeah!!

Lame I know...and, thankfully I've never been on anything stronger than a prescription for migraine a long while back, so I wouldn't really know:/


Random Quizzage:
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in good taste. You may or may not be goth.
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