Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Crap crap crap!!

So it's half past five and I overslept and now have too much to do, so will have to miss the 'Weird Cabaret' meeting this evening.


I had quite a stressful evening before I went to work last night...but my flatmates father came over and gave us both 200 pounds for food etc for the rest of the month for which I am very grateful!!

I'd like to say how uber-dull work was too...but in a sad geek kind of way I find I am actually enjoying typing ridiculously fast...was listening to Razed In Black most of the night...and I reckon thats helping...I'm going so fast now I'm breaking my own speed record every time. Did overtime till 9am and got my record so far on MDEC 3... 1,634 tasks per hour and 100% accuracy too!!! Was very pleased at that...I've managed to up my tph from hovering around the 1k mark to nearly 1.3/4k average just over the last week...I think my holiday did me good.

Anyhow...I'm sure nobody wants to read about my work-stuff so I'll stop there lol.

After work...(this morning) went into town and paid in said cheque, and drew it out as cash.

Went to the discount book store and bought a book of how to install SUSE Linux and the OS cd with it for a pound...I feel a project coming some astrology books and a cd of songs from musicals...Breakfast At Tiffanys etc

...then went to Lawsons for anti-fly measures... has been unbearably hot these last few days, and somehow or other, probably coz I've been cooking Liver...we have a number of ickle fruit flies in the kitchen. Not nice.

So I went and got Vapona stuff to nuke the bastards...

...cunningly disguised as pretty sunflower window stickers...these things attract the little beasts by looking pretty...then, once landed, haha take that I'm toxic...and they fall off deaded...HAHAHAH!!!!!

(hope it works as I'm fed up of clapping them out of the air...wish it would rain)

Flatmate found this online...but I think it could be a bit messy:

Make Your Own Fly Paper!

1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. Pour over strips of brown paper and let soak overnight. To hang, poke a hole in one end of a strip and tie a string to it.

And here:

THEN...I went to Wilkinsons...

Oh My God!!! What a fantastic shop full of 'really useful' household 'stuff'!!! Sorta like a Warehouse discount Woolworths home idea of total household 'stuff' retail heaven!!! I had to really behave and came out with 3 packs of purple plastic coathangers, hairbands and a measuring jug...

...but, OH, If I had more cash...glasses, cushions, rugs, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, plants, garden ornaments, toiletries, DIY things...EVERYTHING a bert could dream of!!! (and then have nowhere to put when she got home...) JOY JOY JOY!!!

Had to drag myself out and head off to Sainsburys. Did a MASSIVE food shop...frozen mince, diced turkey, lambs liver, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, onions, peppers, potatoes, brains faggots, chips, bread, pasta, spaghetti, noodles, soy sauce, herbs, chilli sauce, tuna, chocolate bars, biscuits, milk...I could go on...needless to say the freezer is now stuffed, as are the cupboards, and, as long as I cook a proper meal everyday and not get lazy...we ain't gonna starve no more...


Taxington home. Made the driver carry all my bags lol.

Finally got to bed at about 12 lunchtime and promptly fell fast asleep...slept thru TWO alarm clocks (actual clock and phone too) so I didn't wake again at 3 as planned and woke up instead at 5:30pm...too late to anything but cooking and laundry. Duh!!

Annoying, since I had some ideas for discussion tonight...mostly discussing a bathtub reverse-strip of some fashion, and the Jellyman's idea of playing a human body (he does sonic experiments with random objects, mics and an effects box...damn good too)...

I will have to ring him instead...

So here I am...chicken and asparagus pie in the oven...and clothes in the tumble dryer. Hungry, but happy.

Off to work tonight at 9pm as usual, and I'm going to boast about my speed earlier this morning. I am so *geeky*. It *can't* be healthy!!

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