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Too damn hot...

Work last night was intolerably hot...

...imagine an office place full of about 500 odd computers, all on...and a full night shift of 200 hot sweaty bodies at those computers...typing like speedfreaks...

...and then switch off the air conditioning all night because it was getting condensation and dripping on the monitors...

....10pm to 6am with NO AIR!!!!

Sweet Jesus, it was stifling, and I was melting by the time I got home this morning...

Spent the night eating chocolates and drinking Rocket Fuel and water, water, water...

Jui-ehh! has got herself a new flat which we will spend some time doing up and making look lovely when she moves in...and our deputy jokingly suggested that I put a leash on her so she gets back to her desk in time after eye-breaks...

...we have discussed this seriously...Jui-ehh! is more than keen...oh dear...little does the deputy know....hehehe

Anywho...I woke up at 6. Rang my phone bank. Flat broke.

In fact, 77 of your english pounds OVER my overdraft limit...24 days to next pay food, bills not paid, no going out money, no milk, or any other such household provisions...

...zilch, de nada, nothing...
...and I have no idea now where I can get some cash...have no cheque book...and nothing to eat either...back to the pasta and scrounge some potatoes/dried milk off my mother I suppose...


Oh, and it's too hot as well...


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