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Was woken today at 4:30pm by my mobile phone...oh god I feel so damn guilty:((

I was supposed to be meeting wildgift93 in town at 4:30, but as I didn't get to bed till 9am in the morning, my phone alarm got buggered so I didn't wake at 1pm as planned after four hours sleep...I overslept:((

I didn't realise she was going to go into town from home especially to meet with me...I wish I'd woken sooner...I wish I wasn't so damned it was I now feel awful about it.

Had to rush to get up and leave the house at 5pm to rush to work as it is (was planning on getting to work by six pm from town instead) as I started overtime from 6pm onwards.

Did bugger all at work...was on Duty Obs from 10pm onwards, and managed to read almost the whole of Shaun Hutson's 'Victims'.

Finished it now...twas enjoyable pap about a film special effects guy who was working on a horror film set and loses an eye...has an eye of a murderer transplanted, from which point on he can identify 'victims' of a current serial killer by their aura...kept me hanging til the end it and murder...perfect combination!!

Entertaining bit of pulp that I selected from the limited collection at work...but passed the time effectively.

Also made a list of DVDs I want to buy from a Virgin booklet...came to over 180 quid. Oops!!


No mail so we all got to go home at 3:30am.

Walked home as usual, passing a lad of about mid-twenties in a blood-covered shirt outside the Millbridge pub...his mouth was bleeding, and had been in a fight I expect. Couldn't help, just kept walking...wanted to but not safe that time of night really:/

Watching 'The Death Show' now...I must say it's rather good!!!

Going to the shop later, then shopping...

Fetish Party in the evening with missbumpkin...WOO!!!!

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