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How can we create work about IDENTITY if we don't even understand OURSELVES???

I got a lift to 'A-Live' with Jo this evening...collected me from the end of the road at there with plenty of time and sat with Khasrow and Lily for a bit upstairs in the bar area...Jeremy came along to take part as well, and will stick with the group which is cool as I haven't worked with him since we did Excalibur Re-enactment Society shows back in the VERY early 90's lol!!

(Me=Morgana, Jeremy=Merlin)

It was a bit of a heavy evening of work...almost drama therapy in a way...funny how yesterday I was describing my life as a cycle...and this evening we started with a looped mime cycle of our daily routine at 8am, 1pm, 6pm and 11pm!!!

Then we did some work on performing a metaphor for where we are in life now...mine was mostly running around in circles, and stopping to be creative or drink alcohol...following which we went for a much needed cigarette break!!

After the break we were thinking about different levels or aspects of one person's personality or self... I volunteered to get up and place 7 performers in poses that reflected the layers of an onion, with the core of myself in the middle (or in this case, at the far end of the diagonal line)...

This provoked a LOT of discussion...which aspects may be at war with other aspects...which ones were diametrically opposed...that kind of thing...

And then we took a partner on a timeline journey of our lives to date...'This is me when I was...doing...etc' ; they mentally recorded what they were told and then acted each stage back to us without words to represent their interpretation of the tellers life. Very very interesting...

After which we got into a long, heated, philosophical debate about origin, soul, personality, what makes up an individual...inner/outer voice/persona etc etc etc...

We are not meeting next week (though I shall be in for Weird Cabaret) and will spend the time thinking on where the theme of 'identity' could take us in terms of what we bring to the group...and, indeed, what we show during the Theatre-Do Festival in May...

I have a LOT of ideas...and will need to focus them a bit...more research!! WOO!!


Started work at 11pm...had a long and boring night, nothing to report except that I have officially decided I do NOT like carrots.

I've tried to be a grown-up about it and eat them...but I've come to the conclusion that it was never meant to be...they taste weird, make me feel sick and, put simply, THEY ARE UTTERLY FOUL!!!

I know RED is for DANGER...but ORANGE is NOT FAR OFF!!!


Got home 6am, watched the Arabian Nights Panto video through...might go to the shop, but I really ought to go to bed NOW as I have stuff to do today...

I want to be in town by 3pm, and am doing overtime at work from 6pm - 6am.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

*stumbles off to bed*

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