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Researching, Theatre, Work... *repeat to fade*

Had to get a taxi to theatre this evening as I hauled along my old art folder...I took in some project pieces on Asylums, Sorrow and Despair etc I'd done in 1989...and a large canvas of a face which I'd painted the one and only time I took acid!!!

Saw Jojo and Mark when I got there...they are very impressed with the amount and quality of research I've been doing...Jojo said I'm very good at focussing on one specific idea and then finding out lots of information in all possible aspects of it (inc. abstracted ideas)...with extreme enthusiasm lol!!

I'm a mine of 'potentially relevant' information anyway...sounds much better than 'useless' doesn't it hehe...

Apparently they'd 'discussed' me earlier (*fear*) in a positive way and suggested that I should send prospective letters to film/tv/production companies etc asking for work as a researcher!!

I'm quite excited at that possible idea for career route...and might actually follow it when I've finished doing some Media and Film courses later this year, followed by a degree in Drama and Media/Film; which is what I really want to do...

Every theatre production I've ever done I've got seriously fired up about research, costume, design, techie side, advertising, directing and mentoring the younger cast members...all of that...and its time to channel those abilities into a steady career...not neglecting my acting of course; it's what I'm best at anyway;)

It's taken me until nearly aged 30 to finally concentrate on myself and what I want/need to do with my creative abilities...took my time lol...but now I'm focussed in the path I want to follow...WOO HOO!!!

Weird Cabaret rehearsals this evening were very very productive; as usual we worked through a TON of artwork was well recieved, and I have more avenues of research to follow up now.

Songs relating to madness, stream of consciousness writing, identity, alienation, how do you define 'normal', non-conformity, areas in past history where I've had certain aspects of irrational behaviour, talking to myself and a page of things from my head that I would never dare say to anyone... (that last bit will be hard...anyone remember the 'cold vibrator/necrophilia' thought from awhile back??? LOLOL!!)

Stayed on till 9pm and then most of us continued our discussions on to The Dolphin. Had a 'crafty half' and went to work at tennish.

Work seemed to pass quite quickly...played Word Association with Jui-ehh!!! and then Word Dis-Association; in which you can only say random words which can in no way be associated with the previous one...damn hard as your subconscious mind manages to link even the most abstract thoughts!!!

(We'd done this in theatre earlier in the evening, and it produced some entertaining results!)

Finished work at 6am and got a lift home from Dawn...

Am meeting wildgift93 at the Art College for coffee at 4:30pm tommorrow, and then wandering on for 'A-Live' rehearsals beginning at 7pm.

Work as usual til 6am after that *grumble*

Has anyone else noticed how cyclical my life is??

Work, Livejournal, Bed, Theatre, Work x33 recurring lolol!!

Cup of tea, cigarette and to bed I go...

Manfredd Mann : My Name Is Jack

My name is Jack
And I live in the back of the Greta Garbo home
With friends I will remember
Wherever I will roam
And my name is Jack
And I live in the back of the Greta Garbo home for wayward boys and girls
We all love Jack and we live ....

There goes Fred with his hands on his head
'cos he thinks he heard the bomb
And here comes Superman
Who really puts it on.

There's lots of fun
And I love to run up and down the stairs
I make as much noise as I want
And no one ever cares.

And my name is Jack .....
We all love Jack ......

Carl over there with his funny old hair
And he's never sad at all
And when he I grow up I want to run
As fast as my friend Paul.

There's the prettiest girl in the whole wide world
And her name is Melody Mend
And here comes Ma with Brother Tom
Who's probably my best friend.

And my name is Jack .......
We all love Jack ......


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