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AWOL WOL (and schtuf...)

Did a lot of skiving at work tonight...after overtime from 6pm until 10pm, then mindless keying from 10pm till 12.20am...

We had 'WTL' again tonight...this time it was not the usual bunfight, since we had to speak in turn as we had the two new team members with us. They are both deaf and the signer for them wouldn't have been able to cope otherwise!!!

Tony presented a discussion on ''The Knowledge' for MDEC Keyers'. His plan is to produce a map of the UK and a new learning system so that we can all learn postcodes, county shortcuts and where they are situated in the UK...anoraks not provided...

Was a nightmare to take notes for; lots of ideas and most of them overlapped, so (naturally) I took an hour to translate my notes and write up the minutes afterwards lol!!

Then it was lunch...after which I managed to waste half an hour chairing a 'Duty Obs' meeting...and then a further half hour typing up the minutes for that.

Very little mail, so had a brief period of being logged out and then went home at 5am.

Played with a long twig most of the way home and screeched at the crows for company as I walked...yesterday I had a conversation with a WOL, but there was no exchange of 'To Whit, To Woo...' today.

Now I'm back, The Hoobs are on TV and I'm going to bed...

Have a Weird Cabaret meeting tommorrow from 6pm till 9pm...and I don't have to start work till 10:40. Huzzah!!!

I'm starting an hour late on Thursday as well (after 'A-Live'), but am doing overtime on Friday from 6pm onwards as well...need to make up some overtime hours as I have a whole week off at the end of February; was supposed to be going to Prague in that week, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm going to be spending the week working on Journey Home (my short film) instead;)

Hooble Toodle Doo!!

Drunken Mugs

Emma and Me

Foxy and Me


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