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Dvorak, Anne Rice and nothing much in particular...

Called in on Spikey on the way to work at 5pm...will probably use the last week of February to film 'Journey Home', maybe move some of my stuff out of this flat too.

Dull night all in all...talked with Jui-ehh!! most of the night...nothing exciting.

Got let out at 5am, walked home...bitterly cold...checked my email and found one from Jean (one of my workmates)...unfortunately she has gotten ill in Australia and won't be back to work on time...I'll have to let the boss know tommorrow and find out what can be done.

Been trawling google for Dvorak's Cello Concerto in B Minor...

Oh what a beautiful piece of music!!! Played it to death quite literally on my old cassette copy for many many years so every phrase is entirely committed to memory, but must really get it on CD...

In the meantime I finally found a site with VERY GOOD midis of the entire concerto on...I'm listening to them now.

(right click where it says 'MIDI' on the page then 'save target as' to get the midis)

Well, spose I ought to go to bed...starting work at 6pm again tomorrow *sigh*


On a random note...

I'm going to piss off a few people reading this now, but, despite being a 'vamp-girl', I'm not really a big Anne Rice fan at all...

*shock horror*

I've read most of her books...the last one I read was 'Merrick'...they're fine as far as 'entertaining romps' go...but her writing is far from brilliant...

'Interview With The Vampire' was a superb book...I really enjoyed that...but it was a good few years before 'The Vampire Lestat' came out, and I've a suspicion that it was only written in response to the popularity of 'Interview...'

I cannot bear Lestat...and I cannot bear her writing in 'The Queen of the Damned' either...the whole thing was a preposterous concept and far far removed from the fragility of Louis (whom I adored) and the humanity of 'Interview...'

She writes very good 'bodice ripper' sections of her stories...overly colourful perhaps...but what lets her down is the writing in the 'present day'. Plain Awful!!!

At the end of it all, after 'Interview...', I couldn't really separate a Vamp-based Mills and Boon (tacky romance 'novels' that are churned out en masse) from any of her later books.


*crawls back to her crypt to hide*

Friday the 13th
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