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(Tell me why) I don't like Mondays...

Didn't do an awful lot yesterday afternoon...but come 3 o'clock I settled down to watch Stargate SG-1 and then Enterprise...

I grew up watching the original Star Trek series (Kirk et al), and reading all the old books that accompanied them...I LOVE Star Trek, but I get a bit bewildered with all the spin-offs now. Much as I love them, you can't beat the old crew, and I used to have lots and lots of fun with my other trekkie friends in the school library making 3D Chess sets, ensign badges and writing comedy scripts based on them...oh yes, everybody was paired off; with such comical results and situations hehe!! Uhura and Spock, Sulu and Kirk...that kind of thing!!

It seemed to be unintentional comedy day on tv yesterday as SG-1 they had representatives of the British and French government whose accents kept me giggling most of the way through...and the Enterprise episode was 'Judgment' (minus the 'e'), featuring a Klingon advocate who looked almost exactly like Roy Wood from Wizzard in their Xmas video...minus the zig-zaggy makeup, but with the hair and beard etc etc...

When I first started watching Enterprise it took me a while to get used to Scott Bakula as well...I kept expecting Ziggy to show up and tell him that he'd Quantum Leaped into a federation captain's body...hours of working out that his mission was to boldly go...

Ok, I'll stop right there.

Met missbumpkin in the Nowhere at 7pm, and we went off to see Thirteen at 8pm...

And we thought Noi Albinoi was depressing??? OMG!! This one was a rollercoaster ride of screaming girls going off the rails and it just got worse and worse...almost couldn't watch at some points...

It was harrowing as hell toward the a modern american 'Heavenly Creatures' (dir. Peter Jackson) for the Buffy/Clueless generation, in which their fantasies were not Orson Welles and plasticine imaginary characters...but the Mall, drug abuse, piercings and shoplifting...

Oh dear oh dear...

(interestingly, the screenplay was written by Nikki Reed: the girl playing Evie in the movie itself)

Got out of the kino at about 10pm and went back up to the Nowhere for another drink...had a text message from my mother to tell me that my Great Aunt Angela had died of an embolism...ho hum...rang mother, dealt with that...I didn't know her all that well, but we used to go on holiday to East Portlemouth where she lived with 'Aunt' Isabel and lots of persian cats for years. My mother is rather enjoying the drama of having relatives to stay for the funeral next week.

Peculiar woman...thrives on passing on information no matter how macabre...

Anyway, I'm doing over(under)time at work tonight and tomorrow...starting at 6pm instead of extra four I have to go out at 5. Better get on with some housework as all I've done this weekend is take in depressing movies and drink rather a lot lol!!!

*treads off to gingerly tackle the kitchen*

It's a TOTAL mess!!!

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