Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle


I hate Sunday afternoons.

Always feel like I ought to be doing something creative, but can't be arsed.

Then by tea-time it's too late...

Too true!! :

As is this :

What's Your Celebrity Style?

You scored 40% Glamour Queen
Like Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron, you're not afraid to turn heads. You respect the rules that made Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe the icons they are: Keep the lipstick dark, the eyes mysterious and the clothes gorgeous - and never let 'em see you in sweats. Your friends are inspired by your sense of drama and romance, and your biggest style challenge is living a life as sexy and self-assured as your wardrobe. Glamour is not dead, it's alive and well and living in your closet. Sound like an exaggeration? Maybe you're a glamour girl at heart whose daily uniform is a low-key turtleneck or a gray flannel suit. Whatever you wear, as Catherine, Jennifer and Charlize demonstrate, true glamour is less about ball gowns than regal bearing and a confident demeanor - and you have that in abundance.

Your Must-Haves: Tall leather boots, anything red, gorgeous jewelry and at least one knock-'em-dead silk dress

Your Classic Movies: Cleopatra, The Seven Year Itch, Gilda

Other Celebrity Style Inspirations: Lucy Liu, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren

You scored 30% Classic with a Twist
Like Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Winona Ryder, your polished, ladylike style is served in a long, cool glass with a shot of personal poise. But you're no strict traditionalist; your appreciation for flattering classics is informed by your own personality and spirit, and you aren't afraid to mix understated standbys with unusual flourishes that are uniquely yours. Your friends love your impeccable taste, and with good reason: You're one pulled-together lady, what used to be called 'a class act.' You aim to be neither a trend follower nor a trendsetter. Following in the style footsteps of icons Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, your motto is 'why fix what ain't broke?' Women have always looked great in black dresses and red lipstick - and they still do.

Your Must-Haves: At least one luscious cashmere sweater, ladylike slingbacks, a silver compact or lipstick case, a trench coat and the perfect black dress

Your Classic Movies: Rear Window, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dial M for Murder

Other Celebrity Style Inspirations: Gillian Anderson, Lena Horne, Uma Thurman

You scored 30% Trendsetter
Like Gywneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker or Cate Blanchett, you have a witty and individualistic approach to style. Your friends admire your expressiveness, but you're not necessarily out to grab attention. You just like what you like, and you know how to put it all together in fresh new ways. An experimenter at heart, you keep up with trends in order to put your own personal stamp on them. Like Cate, you may enjoy trying different things, and never look the same way twice. Or, like Gwyneth and Sarah Jessica, you may have a style all your own that can't help but set trends in motion. Classic trendsetting stars you resemble include Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall, who did it their way all the way.

Your Must-Haves: Eye-catching accessories, cool vintage bags, something animal-print (a zebra coat?), funky shoes, and to keep it all balanced, the perfect crisp white blouse

Your Classic Movies: To Have and Have Not, Rebel without a Cause, Bonnie and Clyde

Other Celebrity Style Inspirations: Madonna, Natalie Wood, Faye Dunaway

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