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Here's to an Artsy Weekend at the end of a fuck-awful week!!

Surely this has to be the end of it?? This week has been god-awful...must be 'Be Horrible to VampGirl Week' on the calendar or something...

I've had nothing but shit all week from people through no fault of my own...and tonight put the topping on it all.

Got up at I'd had to stay up late to rant at BT about cutting me to work and sat quite happily in the Duty Obs office, minding my own business and doodling whilst checking stats etc...then somebody went into the office on the other side of the partition and I had to listen for AN HOUR whilst hairy dave sat with someone else and ranted about me...utter character assassination and total bollocks, all of it!!

Naturally I got a bit upset...tears etc...went downstairs and kicked a wall a couple of times...then came back upstairs and informed my deputy that I'd heard every boss then came to see me, asked what I was upset about, so I told her...

Turns out that hairy dave had been sat with a union rep berating his 'woes' because he'd heard on the rumour mill that I was filing a harrassment case against him...should have, but I'm the sort of person who'll just go away and cry...not the sort of person to do that at all...

So I had to sit in an office with my boss, hairy dave and the union rep and 'have it out with him'. I was tearful, but remained calm and put across how I felt about things, how he made me feel...harrassed, intimidated, abused... In the end he admitted that he is a grumpy bastard, but that he thought that when I asked for a lift I had TOLD him he was giving me a lift...utter crap, but I had to let it lie... Ended up reaching a compromise...that I would avoid him if he had his head down and looked grumpy about anything...rather than my usual nature when people are like that of going to them and trying to help...

At least at the end of the 'Dave episode' I was told that it wasn't my fault, and that he just has a bit of a seasonal which I asked if he had thought about S.A.D...he replied that it might be the case.

He lives on his own, in a trailer...bit of an antisocial grumpy hermit...not that that's an excuse for his behaviour...he seemed quite proud of explaining that as an excuse...and yes, I may sometimes be a bit arrogant, pretentious and bossy...but he can be exactly the same... Something you'd describe as a personality clash unfortunately...but I'm not used to it, and it made me feel horrible inside:/

But I felt a bit better about things at the end of the meeting, and will just leave him to get on with things on the other end of the team from me...

*releases pent up 'grrr-y' outbreath*

Later on in the night, I got a call from Stockport asking for help with MDECS 3 and 4...technically their responsibility, but they were I put 3 teams in and got their mail volume down for them...but at 5:30, when we were having trouble with one of ours I rang and asked for help...but got a load of abuse from Stockport, refusing to help us out. I had to remain calm, tell them that as Duty Obs it was my responsibility to ask them to do this, and that we have the call over them as to where they key...still grumbling at me, so I deferred it to the shift manager who sorted it out for me.

Why me??? I feel like all the crappy people in the world have descended on me this week to have a go... I haven't done anything really...I always look for the humanity in people even if they aren't that nice a person...and make excuses for their behaviour...


My boss came in to the Obs office at the end of the night, and told me she thought I'd handled the situation really least someone has some faith in me!! That did cheer me up a bit anyway.

Also spent some time doing figure drawing with my eyes shut again...freaky results!!! Might paint some of them...

Let's draw a line under all this. I've vented, and now it's the weekend...


HUZZAH!!! Tonight I am off to the Arts Centre Cinema with missbumpkin and strangepixel!!

We are meeting in the Nowhere at 7pm, and going to see this:

Noi Albinoi (15)

Dir. Dagur Kari, Iceland, 2003, 95 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Tomas Lemarquis, Throstur Leo Gunnarsson, Elin Hansdottir, Anna Fridriksdottir.

A first film that hits all the right notes but doesn't show off too much. Even in his remote Icelandic hometown Noi is an oddity - a weird looking, almost bald 17-year-old wearing a perpetual dopey grin…though he may actually be a genius. Expelled from school, he hatches endless hopeless plans and longs to escape until he falls for the lovely Iris who works at the local garage. What finally happens is totally unexpected; typical of the invention in this inspired mix of realism, humour and metaphor. Scooping awards at festivals around the world, this marks the debut of a considerable talent.

I'm really looking forward to it...might post some thoughts on it later on tomorrow:)

Ok, cup of tea, cigarette (wish it was a 'jazz' one), then I'm off to bed. My eyes hurt from all the histrionics of the night and they need a rest...

Hooble Toodle Doo!!

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