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More venting...what a week I'm having!!!

I'm posting this from my mother's house because my phone line has been cut off...

Some twunt from BT has messed up the details of my payment plan (I'm in arrears atm) and has cut me off without even so much as a by-your-leave. I'll be ringing them shortly, give them a bit of earbashing via my mothers phone line as it would cost too much to vent satisfactorily on my mobile.

Bastarding Buggering Bollocks!!!

In other news...

Went in town yesterday at about 4pm and bumped into missbumpkin and misswhiplash63 on the way to the bank. Forgot all about paying my phone bill instalment as was the intention (sod it) and wandered around town with them for an hour or so...went for a giggle in Ann Summers...SHOCKING!!

After which I got into a bit of a slanging match with some chav in a shellsuit and baseball cap, with his chavette sidekick...scraped back blonde hair, scummy clothes and huge gold earrings... He said 'Nice Coat' to me...(I was in my big grey fake fur duffel coat) I replied 'Nice Baseball cap'...he got a bit 'verbal' so I asked him his age and then told him to act it...then his 'bird' started threatening fisticuffs.

Send them back to Swilly and gas the lot of them I say...chav janner morons.

As you can tell, I've been having a bit of a week for verbal sparring, and now BT are next!!!

Following this brief fracas, we stomped up to the Nowhere Inn...misswhiplash63 had to go as she'd left her new czech bag in Cafe Rouge, and so missbumpkin and I sat in the pub for an hour with a drink and had a really lovely long chat...something we haven't managed to do for a long time, as Black Catz is too damn noisy for civilized conversation. I'm meeting her and strangepixel on Saturday for a cultural excursion to the Arts Centre Cinema...really looking forward to that!!

Anywho, I eventually left for theatre at 6:20, leaving my tobacco behind...botherations!!

'A-Live' was enjoyable...but not all that productive. There are a lot of young members of the group who aren't all that to piss around a bit...and some older members too who do the same... I feel sometimes like I'm more a semi-professional support for our director and a mentor for the others, but I do enjoy being's a far more relaxed work atmosphere than the rigour of Weird Cabaret rehearsals... For example...we spent an entire hour in the session sitting with our eyes shut and drawing our representation of ourselves with a biro on a piece of paper...and then working out who was who!!

The theme we are working toward is 'Identity'...and we are supposed to be 'learning to play' as kids do...impulse work, not feel like we're ACTING...finding truth in things...currently it's ending up more as an excuse to be silly, but not all that satisfying in the long run.

Got to work at 10.45pm (Andy gave me a lift)...and spent a long and boring night typing in crappy addresses as usual until boss gave me a lift home as it was raining...and when I got home I found the phone had been cut off.

Rang a taxi and went to mothers...she thought she had a burglar, even though I used a key...and I ended up sleeping on the sofa in the breakfast room with the cats lol!!

So here I am...

British Telecom are about to get an angry earful as soon as I've had some coffee...

Then I'm going to bed.



12-lunchtime...finally I'm going to bed. The phone has been sorted out and I'm back online at home!! Wheeeeeee!!!

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