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In which I use LJ to vent... (blue air in, red air out)

It has been 'anger management night' at the MDEC tonight...

First off, I got into a 'heated debate' with my boss during WTL...Tony and I were arguing that some of the keying rules were pointless and stupid...and we got onto the subject of the use of the hyphen...I won't bore you with the details, but it's basically that we have to type it if we see it, but the autocompletes don't use it, even if the town has them written in on the envelope. If there is no autocomplete we have to put the hyphens in. It's SO random...and all hinges upon whether who wrote the envelope could be arsed to put hyphens in on the place name or not!!

Needless to say I ended up saying to our boss :

"No, I am not raising my voice, I am merely trying to complete my sentence without being talked over by you!"


At the end of the night, about 3:30am, I asked Dave if he would give me a lift home...he's been dropping Terri home for the last three weeks as Jean is on holiday, but refuses to give me a lift as well even though I am only 5 mins walk from her house and she drinks at the pub literally 1 minute around the corner from me.

There is no reason why he could not drop me home tonight, as he only had Terri going with him (Paul was away)...but he still loudly and categorically refused to give me a lift...shouting at me that he did not want me in his car...

What does he think I'm going to do?? Piss on the seat??

Anyway, I stated loudly back several times that Terri only lived 3 roads away from me...and that I would have to walk home in the dark through empty roads alongside large tree-filled parks and very little streetlighting...he still I said :

"Well you can hold yourself personally responsible if I get attacked on the way home!"

Most of the team witnessed this argument, and the women in the team were slack-jawed at him...I got plenty of sympathy as I left...Sharon agreeing that he was stubborn, arrogant and a twat, and that we have a personality clash.

Dave likes to be the authority on everything even if he is incorrect...and the centre of attention. He can't handle it if anyone gets more attention than he dislikes me for that reason...and that I (not to sound arrogant myself) have a higher level of intellect etc than he does.


Obviously, I walked home alone in the dark at 3:30am the rain...I shall be SO glad when Jean gets back from Australia!!!

Ho hum. Home now with a lovely mug of Whittards White Hot Chocolate and a Dairylea sandwich lol!!

Meeting wildgift93 for coffee today at 4:30 outside the Art College and am off for Weird Cabaret rehearsals at 6pm before going to work. I shall take my photos of the route home to work with me...they're for the storyboard of Journey Home (the short stalker-horror film I am making which was inspired by my walking home every night at the moment) Topical, eh? I'll go for the sympathy vote with those I think lol!!!

Here's some pictures from my neck of the woods:

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