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Feeling like I've been thrown down the stairs a few times, then hit by a bus for good measure!!!

Click here to find out why.

My body ACHES!!!

Every muscle is in agony...even ones I didn't know existed are causing me even hurts to raise my arm above shoulder height and my right knee has a huge black bruise on the right side of it...

I also have less frightening bruises on the tops of my feet and on my right thigh and a big hole on my right elbow!!


Weird Cabaret show last night went down a storm!! Spent all day run etc, then had a break between 4 and 6pm.

The show was pretty much a repeat of the previous Death Show but with some new material added in, and new cast members...I did the opening instead of Jenny, and the euphemisms and falling as well... I actually enjoyed it A LOT more this time...perhaps because I was doing more, and last time I was in the middle of panto rehearsals as well...too busy to focus on it enough.

I did everyone's makeup at 6pm and we got changed into our cabaret black costumes.

Faces were strong yellow, with white patchy under the eyes/cheekbones, thick black eyeliner and smudged/smeary red lipstick...

"You have something of the grave about you, sir!"

Like a pallor of death...damn scary under blue lights.

(I have scrubbed and scrubbed, soap and baby lotion...but still look vaguely jaundiced today!!! *grumble*)

We then had a warmup and I went and did the directors makeup too, and was taken downstairs on my own for pre-show at 7:15.

Had to sit on stage alone and do the self-absorbed finger-knitting/twisting for 20 mins before the show proper started and the rest of the cast carried in Martin, wrapped in a shroud, but entirely naked underneath...then they left him on stage with me and disappeared.

I went through all the physical movement stuff, and the slow unwrapping of the gauzes on his head...then the scissors came out...

*snip snip*

(thinking of poor Conrad)

*raises an eyebrow and grins evilly*

The audience LOVED the scissors...I made to cut off Martin's willy, and ears...and began cutting the shroud off him from the floor up (it was like a tubigrip, but not too tight)...they were laughing wildly as I made the scissors shake before revealing his arse...*snip* HAHAHAH!! *snip* *wild grin* HAHAHA!!!...

Finally got all the way to the top of the cloth and let it fall...Martin is there naked.

Change of energy. Off for the water bowl and sponge...washed quite solemnly and then, when done...the ARSE SLAPPING!!

They loved that too hehehe!!!

My Panto/'A-Live' director (Rod) was in the audience...he said afterwards that he wished I'd slapped it harder...and sent him flying...but I had to explain that I only had to do it hard enough to leave a handprint as Martin has spinal trouble and I didn't want to cause injury!! Evil bastard hehe!!

The euphemisms skit went brilliantly...lots of roaring laughter and applause even...the falling down sequence (though painful and my trousers were slowly getting a bit low at the back) worked REALLY well...we had a seriously intense feeling going with the group there...

In fact, the whole show was a total blast, and the audience were clapping along in time and cheering as we reprised the Worm Song (instead of 'Let's Talk About Death') at the end...

(pats herself on back for that director-y idea of hers that got taken on board so enthusiastically and clearly worked so well!!)

Went upstairs exhausted, manic-eyed and into a group and did a big WHOOP!!! and then scrubbed off the yellow as best we could and went for a beer downstairs.

Got tons and tons and tons of compliments and positive feedback...Rod said he enjoyed it MUCH MUCH more this time (he saw the last show on Nov 31st) in which I did very little due to rehearsing Panto during the same period...

Also saw Jeremy, who I used to be in Excalibur Medieaval Re-enactment Society with...(he was Merlin, I was Morgana Le Fay and we were crowd control/entertainment whilst the big hairy men hacked each other up with heavy metal weaponry lol!)...had a good chat with lots of people and sank a pint rather too quickly.

Stayed in theatre till Midnight doing the get-out of staging, lights, makeup station, tables, chairs etc etc etc...thoroughly exhausting...and Andy dropped me home.

Got in around 12ish, utterly wornout and aching all over, fit to drop...and went straight to bed. Now I'm barely awake, still with a stained yellow severe muscle pain and covered in bruises...but I'm very very happy with how it all went yesterday...

More than was FANTASTIC and I can't wait to get a copy of the video from Ray...

Back in Theatre on Wednesday...we shall have a discussion and appraisal of yesterday's show...and discuss new ideas for the next one...

The next two (and possibly the last...since it will be a year of them by then) shows will be Sunday 14th and Sunday 21st of March. 7:15pm, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth. Tickets in advance, £2.50.

*exhausted, happy, slightly maniacal grin*

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