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Awake, Coffee, Hot Bath, Preparations for The Death Show...

It's 6:34am, and I just got up...getting ready to go to theatre at 10:30 this morning...washing costumes, going to have a hot bath...drinking strong black coffee...running lines and sequences in my head...

Stayed up yesterday after work at 6am, and went straight to theatre at 9:30 for all day rehearsals. Dog tired...but worked damn hard all day on the opening sequence which is really physically demanding to start. Begins with stressful 'finger-knitting' movement which becomes more frenetic until my hands are flapping/slapping/'s not planned...impulse work...go wherever my next move takes me without thinking about it, work it up to a pitch and then flush it all out with an outbreath and hands rubbing down face/body and pushing away cleansing movement. Then focusing and unwrapping Martin from his shroud, cutting it away with scissors to reveal his naked body...and then washing Martin while he's stood there with his back to the audience whilst 'Abide With Me' is sung. When done, I look about and then slap his bare arse HARD before leaving.

(bit more complex than that actually, but nevermind)

That's just the first sequence...which is new to me as the performer in the previous show dropped out. I've also had to learn lines for 'Gone with a Euphemism' and rehearse that, and do the falling sequence...5 of us onstage randomly falling to the floor...being in tune with each other so that we can work as an ensemble without seeing each other. Odd and VERY painful.

Oh, and I'm very pleased with myself because I got my 'director-y oar' in yesterday, and suggested that we reprise the Worm Song (which was originally researched and provided by me anyway) at the end instead of the 'Let's talk about Death' maggot rap.

(The bastardisation of 'Let's talk about Sex' by Salt'n'Pepa)

It makes more sense to reprise the worm song as the words fit the end of the show nicely and it tops and tails the whole piece rather well, instead of being a repeat of the same second song again with nothing else musical inbetween.

*unbearably smug face*

I'm aching like mad now...which is why I'm going to run a VERY hot bath and sink into it in an hour...

Got home at 6pm yesterday, dead on my feet and could barely keep my eyes open...went to bed intending to get up at 9pm to go out to Black Catz...but didn't wake up until 2am. Oops!!

Never mind, wildgift93 texted me to say she wasn't going either, so I didn't miss anyone really. Needed the sleep anyway!!

Woke up again at 6-ish, and I'm staying up now...going to be a very very long day...with the show this evening...YAY!! (plus fear)


On a random note...

Just finished trawling random websites and IMDB, particularly the forums. Was looking for an answer, which I eventually found...

Watched a french film many years ago, in which a married woman (Catherine Deneuve) became a prostitute to a rich gentleman, and had a very bizarre and confusing ending in which her husband was in a wheelchair and blind...the name of the film has eluded me for a very very long time, even though I utterly adored the film and it (obviously) left a lasting impression on me. I can still visualise many scenes from it in fact.

Discovered today, through putting plot summaries into google etc...and finally DEFINATELY identifying it because of the ending...thanks to a thread on the IMDB website, that the film is...(drum roll)

Belle Du Jour!!!

Yay!! Problem solved, and now I can go out and retrieve myself a DVD copy from somewhere!!

*grins happily*


Oh how appropriate daahhlink!!;)

Nick Rhodes.
Nick Rhodes

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