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A long weekend ahead with little or no sleep...

Ended up being awake for 24 hours yesterday...and getting to bed at 2pm:/

Consequently slept right through till 8pm, then got up in a rush to go to work at 9pm. Work was dull, and I sat on my own in the Duty Obs office all night doing the Guardian crossword as usual. Got a lift home with my boss at 6am as it was pissing down with rain.

Now I'm sat here, with my theatre costume for today/tommorrow in the washing machine...have to be in theatre for a 10am call to rehearse til 5pm. No point going to sleep as:

a) 2 hours is not enough and;
b) I have to get all my stuff organised before I go:/


I suppose I shall have to sleep when I get home tonight after 22 hours up...sleep 6-9 and then go out to Black Catz goff nite afterwards...

Black Catz will be done at 2am Sunday morning, I shall be home and in bed at 3am...and back in theatre at 11am to be in all day doing run-throughs and the Weird Cabaret show in the evening. I expect to be home somewhere around midnight/1am Monday morning.

Busy Busy anyone I meet this weekend...please carry supplies of Pro-Plus, Cola or Coffee...I laid off the stronger stuff ten years ago but that ought to do it;)

Took this sorry plant pic at work last week:

The Hallway leading to the Auditorium (Panto)

The Stage...underneath that purple cloth was 6 tons of white sand!! (Panto)

Me before going out (somewhat drunk) a couple of weeks ago...

Might post more later...

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