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Euphemism for a naked guy with added bruising...

Got up at 3pm today and went up the hill to collect my photos...have them all now on CD, so will get to fiddling with them as soon as I have free time...

Not this week then...

Went to theatre at 5pm...found out that one of the Weird Cabaret cast may have dropped out, so I now have a ton of lines to learn and a LONG movement piece to work on if she doesn't show on Saturday...(the performance is Sunday...aaaaaaaa!!)!

The lines are all repetitive stuff...euphemisms for death worked into an act, and the movement piece is a whole lot of knitting my fingers, repetitive improvised abstract movement to physically illustrate inner turmoil and then unwrapping a naked 'dead' guy and then sponge-bathing him whilst someone sings 'Abide With Me'. Ahem!!

I've also been roped into doing the 'falling' sequence...which is simply that...about 10 minutes of going from vertical to the floor at varying speeds randomly. Bloody painful...but it's for art, daaahlink, so I shall perform with energy and spend all next week cursing and applying Witch Hazel no doubt lol!!

Discussed my film/photography projects with people over a half in the pub afterwards, and then went on to work. Did sweet FA all night pretty much...'cept stare blankly at my lines and show my photos to friends. Spun round in my chair a few times too...

Then they let us out at 3:30am...and I walked home VERY carefully as the pavement was all icy-nasty from the sleet/attempt at snow we had earlier in the evening before the rain came tumbling down.

Defrosting in the living room now...cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea, cigarette, cup of tea.


S'pose I ought to go to bed soon...have to be in Theatre for a 5pm call tomorrow to rehearse the Euphemisms skit and then A-Live till 9pm and off to work...

I ache all over...all that falling over is doing me in lol!!


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