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Never rely on family to do your work for you...*grumble*

I'm all cranky-tired, cold and agitated. Drank too much coffee at work.

Hardly anything to do...a boring 'Listen With Mother' session (team meeting) and I spent an hour typing up the minutes, then used my lunch break to retype the story/camera angles etc for my film project.

I don't have a printer here so I'd emailed a copy of it to my mother asking her to print it...but when dad arrived to take me to work at 9:15pm I found she'd done exactly what I didn't want (but exactly what I expected) and printed up the document as she'd seen it in her email complete with msn hotmail details, adverts etc etc rather than pasting it into Word and printing just the doc itself.

Grah!! If I'd mailed it to my dad he'd have done it properly:((
Stupid woman!!

Gave up on trying to guillotene and photocopy her printout, and had to retype the whole sodding thing. Took 30 mins out of my 40 minute lunchtime, so I didn't get to eat...but at least I'm happy with the document now...and made a few changes as well.

We ran out of mail to key, so I spent the rest of the night doing the Guardian G2 crossword...almost all the clues were drink-obsessed...and even one about dope lol!!

See if you can work them out (answers tomorrow):

Drunk (as a bulb?) (3,2)
Drunk (as a worm?) (7)
Drunk (as a gherkin?) (7)
Drunk (as a missed opportunity?) (6)
Drunk (as have been London, Dresden and Baghdad?) (6)
Drunk (as a broken bottle?) (7)
Drunk (as winks?) (6)
Drunk (as a smoothly working hinge?) (4-5)

Bit excessive, no?
I wonder what the crossword compiler was thinking...

Walked home at 6am, stuck a printout of the 'Journey Home' sequence through Spikey's door along the way. Decided on a few time-saving cuts removing sections of boring road as well.

Going to bed in half an hour...going up to the chemist after 12 to collect the films I took of Panto, New Year, sorry plants and short film storyboard shots...then have a Weird Cabaret rehearsal this evening...and a show on Sunday!!

Will be spending the whole weekend in theatre as usual...lack of sleep and physical exhaustion...I love it hehe...

However, this will not stop me going out to Black Catz in its new venue on Saturday night. Just mustn't drink...hmmm...

I have a nice new skirt to wear with my corset which I bought yesterday...sort of a layered petticoat style calf-length circle skirt in shiny black transparent net/taffetta-ish fabric. Might take pics.

It's bloody cold, but at least there's no snow. Yet.

Cup of tea and a bun. Yummy!!

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