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A Journey Home and The Transylvanian Job

Have had a long and productive day...stayed up from 2am this morning, and by 1pm was a bit went out with two disposable cameras to walk the route for the 'Journey Home' short suspense/horror film project and take lots of photos along the route for camera angles etc before I storyboard it.

Will get them developed this week and then fiddle about with them on the comp so I can draw up ideas better... I took them in daylight for clarity, even though we will be filming in the early dawn so it will be pretty dark. I just didn't want to be wandering about on my own in the dark for too long, even if I took them at dusk instead, and with cheapo disposable flash cameras the stills wouldn't come out too well lol!

Just got them done before the rain set in too...phew!!

Called in on Spikey on the way back...had a long discussion about how/when we are going to do it, and who we might involve...he has some ex-CSV Media workmates who he thinks might be interested in helping out with editing etc...

Also had a play with the camera...a Panasonic NV-M40 (the last cam I ever used was an M10 or something in 1990 for a short film on my Media Studies course)...some nice techniques which could be used...tracer/strobe...might be fun to play with...and we decided to shoot mostly from hip height for a full-length 'stalker cam' perspective.

Got home at about 5pm...was already raining heavily by then, with a book on video production to read...obviously I started, but fell asleep and slept until about 1am this morning.

Since then I've watched 'Smoke Dreams' on video...a 1990 production I was in about a private detective vs the mob, which was filmed and edited with 3 diff cameras whilst I was in 6th Form...brought back a LOT of memories...actually, apart from the dodgy sound, it was very good!!!

Then found that I had a doc that I had entirely forgotten about...recorded in 1997/1998 after an episode of Fortean TV on the same tape...

The Transylvanian Job - 50 min doc - Director: Neil Rawles - Channel 4
Slot: To the Ends of the Earth.
Romania: Ten American and two British
archaeological tourists
(Metal Detector enthusiasts off in a group to dig up 'Dracula's treasure') are digging up history and falling out with the
authorities and each other.

It was brilliantly done...full of 'Alas Smith and Jones' type humour from the british metal detector blokes...crap jokes to each other about Dracula and worse...perfectly put together and very well paced...really inspirational!!

Looked it up online afterwards...all I could find was an old 2002 archived email from the producer (Mike Chamberlain) detailing his recent work in order to apply to some production network...

However...this led me through to a link to their current website detailing their most recent docs/programmes which can be viewed here:


Sadly no mention of the 'Transylvanian Job' doc...but if you can get hold of a copy it is worth's SO DAMN GOOD!! It makes the relatively boring pursuit of metal detection actually ALMOST interesting...but it is the way that the participants in the doc are portrayed, and the incidental filming that makes it brilliant!!

Ok, I'll shut up now.

Off to read;)

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