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eventual doughnut gravel incomparable harbinger mdec

Slept all afternoon...from 12pm till 8pm!!

Was thoroughly knackered as I'd been up for 22 hours after only 2 and a half-ish hours sleep. In fact, I was SO tired that I was dizzy and physically shaking by the time I got to bed...almost Ozzy-fashion!!

Having slept so late, I had to rush a bit to be ready to leave for work at 9pm, but I managed it anyway...

Was on Duty Obs(ervations) all night...this means being in charge of the floor, staring at stats screens all night and phoning the bosses to tell them which MDEC (there are 10 of them) to put their teams into to key post...dependant on mail volume coming in on each. Boring, but at least I get to do crosswords/read things/draw etc and not type like a mentalist all bloody night!

Leon is switching shifts, so I will now also be taking over the Duty Obs team in a management/meetings capacity. Bugger! I'll do anything to shirk responsibility, but there was no getting out of it:/

We are also getting our own office as of Monday...we've previously been sat in our usual teams, but it was getting irritating when our friends kept asking us the mail volume overall every 20 minutes:/ This is good, as I can be shut away and do what I like without the bosses breathing down my neck. Rest assured my GameBoy Advance will be coming to work with me in future hehe...

They bribed us with doughnuts again...every time the team beat their targets for speed of processing/accuracy/whatever we all get little rewards of food... I suppose it's a management way of keeping the herd happy with their menial tasks...

If it weren't for having built up friendships on the MDEC, or for the nice high wage I get for doing a mindless job that requires little mental effort...plug in cd, zone out, key for jesus...I'd quit tommorrow...

I absolutely hate keying...but it pays extremely well even though it is a task for a no-brain. And the hours suit my needs for theatre. Dammit, a high paying creative media/theatre job would be so better for me, but I'm in the wrong sodding city.

Walked home at 3:30am again...lots of drunken lads staggering through the street behind me, singing loudly. Forgot it was a Friday:/

Now I'm drinking Whittard's WHITE hot chocolate...pure sex in a mug hehe!! Yummy!!

Going to the shop at 8am as I've run out of supplies, and then to bed. No plans for the weekend...maybe just red wine and films...


Oh, and I've been getting entertaining spam recently...from such fantastically diverse names such as 'Orville Marrero' or 'Seymour Augustine' and worse (which would only be suitable for horror stories)...the subject lines that come with these names have all gone DADA on me!!

Makes a change from VAMPGIRL_NO1 - ENLARGE YOUR PENIS anyway lolol!!!

The following subject lines are from a recent batch...written down in order of arrival, yet making almost perfect sense. Seems DADA spam can make riveting reading...

godparent apologetic kerchief

even by moonlight
some brunette stood
eventual gravel incomparable harbinger
octet betray
things caught fire
turned and frowned
before events bore
to the telephone


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