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Shopping spree avoidance and general ill behaviour...

I need to get to bed pretty soon...

I got up at 2:30pm and had a nice hot bath...then went into town...



There is a '3 cds or DVDs for 20 quid' sale on...the temptation was almost too great...I could have ended up spending at least 60 quid, but I forced myself to think about bills lol!!

Bumped into Shauny on the way out of Virgin...he was trying to stop himself going in on a spending spree too...we both wandered around town chattering and acting like Ab Fab loonies...then went through Marks and Spencers to the food hall...

"No darling, we didn't come in for jolly schmolly bolly now, did we!!! Orange Juice it is and let's get OUT of here...We NEED to get to Soho shweetie, must be a party we can gatecrash..."

After which we wandered up to the Art College and sat in the refectory going through the part time courses and still going on in a Patsy and Eddie fashion...we both decided to do the part time Photography course in April...something to do before I start college in September. I'm planning on doing two AS Levels : Film and Media Studies, and applying to do Drama and Media at Uni in 2005...

That's the current plan at least...

Anyway, Shauny and I were both sat there screaming at each other :

"Look at us, darling, we're bloody art students now aren't we!! Pass me the bloody lighter won't you and don't make a stain with that drinky on my Versace OK???" etc etc...

Terrible drama queens we are when we get into Ab Fab mode...we were all so UTTERLY APPALLING in London when we went for Mardi Gras last year...

*rolls eyes*

Went in for my film audition thing at 6:15, which went well, will know in a couple of weeks if I'm going to do it...then rushed off to theatre for Weird Cabaret rehearsals.

Spent the evening refreshing the first sequence from the previous show, and running through the Worm Song etc etc...then stomped to work at 9pm.

Work was quite a few funny looks as I carried a dead plant and a big green First Aid Kit into an office...took a few photos of the sorry thing looking dejectedly at the kit...then carried them both back to their respective places in the building...more peculiar looks from people lol!!!

Jui-ehh!! and I will do the facelessness stuff in town with the white mask on Friday...

Spent the latter part of the night teaching Jui-ehh!!! tongue-twisters...

"Swan swam over the sea,
Swim Swan Swim!
Swan swam back again,
Well swum swan!!"

She kept getting it muddled up hehe;)

Left the building at 5am, walked home again...toying with the idea of using Jui-ehh!! to walk home in the Journey Home sequence (see comments on that post for creative ideas)...

This way I can call the shots for Spikey to film and see it from camera perspective at the same time, rather than having to keep stopping as a performer and letting him rely on a written sheet for angles etc. Might be easier to be honest...

Anyway, mustn't let my brain prattle off into creative directions, else I'll never get to sleep at all:/

I have to be up by 1pm and tidy the flat, as discordic_frog is coming over to have me model for some art stuff...NOT nude I must add...then it's off to theatre at 6pm for 'A-Live'.



(Ok, so who/what is that a quote from? I know...but I wonder if you lot do...)

Lots of farty stuff to be keeping me going for quite a while yet!



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