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dada is...a post

Googlism for: dada

dada is
dada is nothing?
dada is alive by franko busic
dada is not dead
dada is design
dada is a
dada is back to taking a chainsaw and cutting and
dada is beautiful like the night
dada is alive by franko busic 18th may 1998
dada is an armadillo
dada is alive
dada is needed mainly to destroy the false image of dada created by the so

dada is the signboard of abstraction; advertising and business are also elements of poetry
dada is een gezicht
dada is already text manipulation

dada is back to
dada is a post
dada is on a constant search for artists in durham and the surrounding areas searching for initial outlets for their talent
dada is "received" & the ashe of shango goes to the initiate's head
dada is many things at once and exists in many places at once
dada is american
dada is that many of the artists involved in the movement evolved out of it
dada is the sun
dada is useless"

dada is not surreal and neither is freud dada
dada is the heart of words
dada is beautiful like the night
dada is a state of mind
dada is a virgin microbe dada is against the high cost of living dada
dada is the international expression of all these offensives
dada is a virgin microbe dada is against the high cost of living dada limited company for the exploitation of ideas" "every act is a cerebral
dada is definitely not
dada is a tomato
dada is a label you can trust
dada is our intensity
dada is an art movement that started during world war i
dada is an independent internet company
dada is an independent dot
dada is the online catalog of the international dada

dada is a virgin microbe that with the fickleness of air enters all the spaces reason has not been able to overload with words or conventions
dada is a virgin microbe that insinuates itself with the insistence of air into all the spaces that reason hasn't been able to
dada is building
dada is french for "hobby horse"
dada is certainly one of the harder groups to classify?so why bother

dada is the official pre
dada is still around
dada is ?the roar of contorted pains

dada is dead
dada is still
dada is the story of idi amin
dada is a memory resident
dada is nada
dada is a pakistani architect whose numerous works have been recognised both at home and abroad

dada is dada is dada is dada
dada is joie calio
dada is the international expression of our times
dada is quite a disappointment
dada is never right citizens
dada is the band that sounds like california
dada is an eight
dada is not an art of one
dada is by no means a school and certainly not a brotherhood
dada is a regional support network for fathers of children with disabling conditions
dada is a difficult album to really get into as a whole listening experience
dada is a road leading to zen
dada is play

dada is shown in red/white
dada is developing a
dada is also excellent administrator
dada is significant in many respects
dada is shattered to find that his precious daughter is sent packing by the dsp after he enjoys one night of marriage with her
dada is the circle of alfred stieglitz at his gallery 291
dada is the one that continues to say the most to us
dada is not a mode


Just about sums it up really!!

I'm off to theatre.

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