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A Real Bobby Dazzler!!!

I've had a typically lazy doesn't get hectic until Wednesday. I've done bugger all but lie in bed reading Kafka (The Trial) and then sitting watching TV...

Watched Rolf Harris's artist programme on BBC1: 3 random artists painting a celebrity and then said celebrity picking the favourite finished artwork to have in his/her house...

This week it was David Dickinson, of 'Bargain Hunt' fame (over the table, under the table, cheap as chips!!)...two of the three artists were trained...middle-aged ex-art college artists...the other one was a guy who has never been to art college and was entirely self-taught...

Guess who produced the best painting, and consequently the one that D. Dickinson took home? That's right...the untrained bloke. And rightly was by far the best there, and full of life and emotion...the other two were looked like it should hang in a boardroom or a politician's study, the other looked like an illustration from a crap story in a women's magazine...

Gives fresh hope to aspiring house-wife 'artists' the country over lol...those ones that buy the 'learn to paint watercolour' partworks and such...

*looks pointedly toward her mother*

Shame they don't have the same talent as that bloke. Some things CANNOT be's like can learn how to play a pattern of dots, much like touch-typing...but you can't learn how to express yourself and make the music live...that can only come from within. I feel the same about acting to be honest, and most art-related pursuits.

We may all have 'a book inside us' (spew!), but it's another thing entirely to be able to write it and convey it to an audience effectively.

After Rolf's brief diversion, I ended up watching half of Antiques Roadshow and the tail end of 'Mighty Joe Young' on Channel 5. God-awful pap that was!!

Will probably end up watching 'Batman Forever' as well, since it's's called 'Soul Man' syndrome...

'Soul Man syndrome' is based entirely on the reasoning that you never end up watching the films you WANT to watch, but always settle in and watch all the crap tv-movie standard mediocre films late at night when you're bored with nothing better to do...

(as was the case with 'Scary Movie' the other day)

Obviously, it originated from such an experience...namely the utterly chronic film 'Soul Man' in which a white guy takes some kind of tanning capsule to win a black scholarship to college...dire, but I ended up watching it end to end, thus inspiring the 'syndrome' lol

There you go!!

Thoroughly bored now, but I'm going to be cooking Toad in the Hole later on.



Pilfered from pistorius:

So, my droogs, I got Beef of joys!!

Ludwig van Beethoven remains extremely infamous to this day, known for his temper and fits. And it's true, he did have them, but he tended more to exist in a state of perpetual misunderstood melancholy. He even pondered suicide upon the approach of his total deafness, but he decided to keep his life for the sake of his music, despite the fact that he couldn't hear it.
A few key works: Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 9, Fidelio, Missa Solemnis

Take the Dead German Composer Test!


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