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Spirited Away by the Pigs...and I have Egg On My Face!! (fried egg sandwich)

Went to see Spirited Away this evening... Matt collected me in his car at about 8ish, and dropped Jui-ehh!! and myself off at the Arts Centre just in time to pay, sit down and see two adverts before the film started.

Oh my! It was SO good...the animation was amazing, the characters so diverse, imaginative and believable even for a cartoon...the storyline was absolutely perfect...(see previous post or check links)

I loved every minute of it!!!

*|*IMDB Link *|*BBC Review*|*View Trailer*|*

It was interesting to note the typical styles of character in Japanese film/art sensibility... So many of the characters reminded me of Pokemon characters or of playing Zelda : Ocarina of Time on the N64...especially the main witch character, Yubaba, and her twin witch sister... They were drawn in almost exactly the same style as the two sorceress sisters Twinrova in the Spirit Temple in Zelda with the same sisterly characteristics etc etc!!

I'm going to *have* to get it on DVD now!!

Spirited Away finished at about half past ten, and I took Jui-ehh!! to the Minerva pub next door...they had some folk band playing.

Jui had a pint of cider and I had a pint of Doombar bitter...first time I've been in the Minerva in about 12 years...didn't look all that different apart from one fundamental change...the toilets are no longer across the yard and in a shed in the dark lolol!!!

What a relief...

Following which, Matt collected us and I ended up with him and Jui at some Chav Party hosted by one of his mates from the MDEC...

Think very very loud dance music, alcohol, *smokes*, decks and strobing lights... Ideal!!

You're never more than 20ft away from a DJ these days...


Sat about for a bit, then Jui got a *bit* drunk and started having an argument with Matt so we left. This escalated along the way back to Matt's house and for about an hour outside...

(during which I saw something orange and like a huge flame 'fall out' of the sky...definately wasn't a firework and reminded me of the UFO I saw in 1996)

This went on until I got a lift back to Jui-ehh!!'s bedsit in a police car lolol!!!

Wasn't me, hofficer...just their argument got a little 'heated' whilst I stood around bored and smoking.

Got a Taxi back from Jui-ehh!!'s/Mutley at about 2:30am, got home and sat watching the 'The Art Show' doc about David Shrigley on Channel 4.

Twas very interesting indeed...I enjoyed it immensely.

I was a *little* suspicious, however...the entire doc made a point of describing him, playing his voice etc, but NEVER showing his face...and on the weblink I have provided it says this : "You can see more the twunt (.com) Web site, which contains information about all his work."


Now, 'TWUNT' is a Chris Morris word, is it not?? (As in 'Twunt my bonobo'...a phrase uttered during a 'sex scene' in a tv episode of 'Jam') Will Self also commented in the doc a lot, and was labelled as a he is of Morris as well. Hmmm...even the description given could almost fit...tall, wild messy brown hair etc etc...

David Shrigley is currently exhibiting on the London Underground until 19th of January. Worth looking out of your windows at, rather than the floor as is usual...

Then had a big plateful of beans, burger in a bun and a fried egg. Was still hungry after that, so followed it with a big fried egg sandwich which dripped on the carpet...

Hopefully, Jui-ehh!! will be a bit happier/soberer tommorrow, no doubt I shall find out the details at work on Monday!!

All in all, a mostly enjoyable, if not eventful, night;)

Now I'm going to have a cigarette and a cup of tea, and go to bed...

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