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Whew!! Now that's all done with...Hello New Journal!!!

Well I had a greymatter bored...then I had a diaryland bored...the last one was a blogger...

...but my friends are on LJ so...

HERE I AM!! Hehe...

(Thankyou geisha_gurl :))

(This one better last!!)

I've posted my old blogger posts, somewhere along the line I lost the previous ones, which is a bit of a shame, but nevermind! and I'm going to keep up with this one from now on, since it's more *interactive*...

I went out last night.

(pregnant pause)

Got absolutely blasted!! Haven't been *that* pissed in months, but hey! I had fun!!

Went to Destiny with a coupla friends. Bubble from Big Brother 2002 was there and they had a hut with cameras in to do a *game* involving male/female clothes-swapping on a big screen and worse...the night involved everyone doing the moves for the 'MacDonalds, macDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut song (oh dear) and the conga around the dance-floor also...dear god was I ever drunk??


Then moved on to zero's at 1am, drank even more, inc a shooter-thingy in a test tube (?) and staggered back to my mate's house at 2am only to find all the furniture upside down, and the TV and comp missing... mate panicked and called the police, naturally assuming that he had been burgled...

...then his flatmates opened the door...

...they'd come back from manchester 3 days earlier than expected (which my mate didn't know) and set it up as a wind-up!!!

Got a taxi home 'bout 4am, and went straight to bed spinning.

Henceforth, here I am. Half past one in the afternoon and without so much as a trace of a hangover!!!

I've just spent the last two hours re-organising ALL the poems that my website ( users have posted in the forums from single posts to users-collections...


And I'm going to go cook dinner now also, as I'm hungry as hell!!

Will probably make a nice cup of tea too...still slightly dehydrated from last night's total I managed to use 9 pounds of phone credit in one night alone I have *no* idea at all!!

Bye Diary, catchya later;)

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