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Bruised Knees : True, False and Real.

I had a very long day up at 10am and had to go out until 12, spent the entire afternoon watching videos of old Weird Cabaret shows, then went out at 4 to the chemist for more ill-person's medicine, and on to theatre.

Had a Weird Cabaret rehearsal last night...started off by falling down for half an hour...or rather...the floor coming up to meet us (sounds more friendly that way...), either way, I found a successful way of doing it quickly without injuring myself...sort of a hip-twist, right thigh to floor with buckling knees and the rest following, so only have a slight bruise on my right knee to prove it, from the attempts that went wrong to start with.

Everyone else was going thud, thud, thud...I made no sound hehe!!

Then we went from the auditorium into the rehearsal room and worked in pairs...improvising...trying to perform an action...first one was walking along a beach, finding something, picking it up, throwing it into the truthfully as we could...ended up skimming stones, but we also had an octopus and finding a watch and throwing it, only to discover it was your own!!

Next improv was waking up hungry, no food around, seeing a fly...catching and eating it then the fly buzzing in the stomach and 'something happens'...(I coughed and the fly flew out whilst I stood there dejected)...this we did in pairs, and were supposed to work with each other WITHOUT speaking at all...Shakira and I were the only ones who managed it lol!!

After which we went back to the beach devise and did the same exercise in a false way...producing some clowning and mucho double-takeage lol!!

Also spent about half-an-hour trying to sit on a chair and notice a pebble realistically...which is damned hard to end up trying to do it in neutral, as you feel you can't act if it has to be realistic...which makes you totally deadpan and you look miserable lol!!

We spent awhile discussing the last Weird Cabaret show, and sharing our feedback on the session, and also plans for the Theatre-Do festival at the end of May, along with interest from a tv company who I shall not name yet...

We all went to the Dolphin for a beer or two afterwards, and I got a lift home at about 10:30...

Stayed up till late however, as I have work tonight, and need to re-jig my hours again...

Watched 'Scary Movie' which was the biggest pile of bollocks I have EVER seen...utter crap for want of a better word...following which I watched 'Tales from the Cryptkeeper : Bordello of Blood', which was much more entertaining.

After half-an-hour of commenting aloud at the morons on Trisha I went to bed.

Only just awake now, off to theatre at 6:45 for 'A-Live' (another theatre group which will feed into Theatre-Do...working on experimental new material...)...then it's back to work after my week off:/

Incidentally, the picture in that link is Ian doing the Hugo Ball nonsense reading at our second Weird Cabaret show...the suit is made of cardboard lol!!

At least I'll only be on Duty Obs tonight...screenwatching and crosswords it is...huzzah!!

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