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Aching Viscous Orbs and No Depth Charge...

As VampGirl awoke one morning from uneasy dreams
she found herself transformed in her bed into a gigantic insect...


Oh, phew...that wasn't me...that was Gregor Samsa.

I'm awake, I'm NOT a giant dung beetle, and I have a pounding headache.

The 'uneasy dreams' bit was certainly true though...

I had to get up because I couldn't bear to lie abed any longer, my stupid sinuses are horribly blocked and giving me the WORST head pain...and subsequently the worst nightmares...first time I've driven a sailing boat down the high street at least hehe!!

My eyeballs are vibrating wildly and declaring themselves ready to pop out of their sockets with a glorious SCHLAPP!!! at any given moment; their only motive being simply to hang there and experience the rapture of cool air and no pressure on their aching viscous orbs...

And here I am, still at my mothers...staring at a monitor.

Very clever!!

At least being vertical my sinuses won't block any more...but it will take more than a depth charge to loosen any of the walled up congestion in there I tell you!!

I'm going home later on today. Sort out the post, bills, flat etc etc.

I'm not going back to work until Thursday/Friday night, and I intend to rest and take lots and lots of vitamins in the meantime...

Incidentally, my mother now has a scanner and I've spent some time scanning pictures of me growing up...

(hover for comments)

Raggedy Ann can fly!!

I was naughty and taken out of the wedding...

Raggle-Taggle-Gypsies Oh!! (that nice shiny purple fabric also doubled as a cape for when I was a Roman Soldier)

Looking respectable, but Tigger wanted in!

Headress and Peace Pipe at a Local can't take me anywhere!!

VampGirl in da hood!!

Taunting my little sister in the woods in Salisbury (Natural Hair Colour Alert!!)

Sulking with a broom I made...

As an american secretary in a school production, 1990. I LOVED that filing cabinet!!

I think that'll do for now. I also scanned pictures of my room in 1989...will post those separately later.

My head hurts.

Ok, I'm off. Need a cup of tea, and I need to stop the strobing that this monitor is causing...

*wobbles off, clutching side of head dramatically*

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