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Here comes the Equestrian Statue...

Sorry about the title of this post...I was singing it most of the way home...

"Here comes the Equestrian Statue
Prancing up and down the square
Little old ladies stop 'n' say
"Well, I declare!!"

It's a lyric from 'Equestrian Statue'...a song on an album by 'The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band' called 'Gorilla' which I have had on an original and very very knackered tape since I was about 14 or so. I just ordered it on CD from Amazon. Oops!!


I walked home singing rather loudly and waving my arms about : my shadow looked very 'Nosferatu' in my big hooded furry coat and that amused me for some time...thank god there is no big brother camera permanently watching me or everyone would think I was a lunatic.

I expect people thought I was drunk anyway...but, no! I was happy because I got an hour off work for keying uber-fast. I went through all the theatre vocal warm-up songs I know...

"Have you ever stopped to think,
How the Camel learned to drink,
Or how many grains of sand there are...
In the Sahara"

and ended up with Rocky Horror...

"Don't dream it, BE IT"

I think that should be my motto of the year...

Got an email today asking for my home address so that an Art College film company can send me some scriptage for an audition for another 15 minute short film at the end of the month. Hopefully I'll get it, if not, blah! Their decision, but fingers crossed...

Theatre starts up again for Weird Cabaret next Wednesday, and a new theatre group next Thursday for something else... I'm also getting back into my script-writing for alice_x...and thinking about various other creative ideas...perhaps my own film project...done entirely with black and white webcam footage (mine has a 10 metre lead) and messed about with in a few programs I have on the comp.

Ok, ok, I've had a glass of wine and my brain is rambling as usual...need to go to bed soon, I'm intending to get up tommorrow at 2pm to see what the Art College has to offer by way of part-time courses, tho I'm not sure if I'll do any...

*wobbles off blethering nonsense as usual*

You're the Chatterer. As Pinhead's second in
command, you enjoy the tiny smidgen of power he
indulges you with (like letting you get a make-
over in HR2). But what you enjoy most is
wandering the corridors of hell, looking for
someone to 'play' with. And of course, if you
can't find anyone, you never feel too alone.
There's always the chattering of your teeth to
keep you company.

Which Cenobite are you? (includes pictures)
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