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I see without seeing...and ultimately eschew an awful load of bollocks lolol!!

Got up yesterday at approximately 7pm...was wide awake doing far far too many quizzes till 8am. Just couldn't sleep!!

Sent a text to the wrong embarrassing that was...I won't go into detail, but it was a girly text which I intended to send to Jui-ehh!!! (we always discuss things graphically at work...) and, well, lets just say I sent it to a male. Oops!!

Went to work, thoroughly bored and dreading another mindless night of brain to finger keyboard synthesis...

William Gibson would cream himself at the drone machine-melding that goes on at the MDEC... I've successfully managed to see without seeing, and therefore type without mentally processing the images that appear on my screen...this would probably only make sense to those who have worked in high speed data entry like myself, but I now touch type so fast that I am almost able to produce text as fast as my brain thinks it/spews it out...making me far more coherent in the written word since it does not become polluted with other random thoughts twixt brain and mouth...

Scary as fuck, but there ya go...

Work turned out to be a rather enjoyable night actually...we discussed everything from Hardcore Porn to Thomas Hardy...History of Nintendo to random place names beginning with 'W'...and all the vulgarities inbetween...Jui-ehh!! had our usual frank and open (read crude) discussions and also decided that her boyfriend/whatever bears a terrifying similarity to Gerard Depardieu...

Not a good thing!!

In the early hours I was frustrated to see that 'Nadja' was on telly...and I'd failed yesterday to check the tv guide, else I would have recorded it. Most irritating...

Jui-ehh!!! and I made plans to possibly start a few art courses this term, and to go to the Phoenix Band thing on Saturday...1pm - 11pm, lots of alcohol and lots of local bands...could be dire, could be a blast...who knows??

And Jean and I looked through the latest brochure for the films at the Arts Centre...we are going out on Thursday evening to watch a series of shorts from the varied ilk of Spike Lee and Werner Herzog. Should prove to be entertaining...

So that was my night. Somewhat randomly peculiar-but-fun, all in all, even if it did involve typing through 390,000 mail items of varying quality (read crap)...

Now I'm sat here, cigarette to hand and a glass of watered down red wine before I go to bed.

How continental of me! *giggles*

Night All, I expect to be up when the sun has set and the lid has risen on my coffin...

*cackles insanely and descends to 'the pit'*

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