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Vivid dreams in high contrast to the mundanity of the now.

Stayed up till 10am this morning reading 'Madame Bovary'. What a damn fine novel that is!

Quite quite tragic! Though I can't help feeling a little less inclined toward liking her toward the end...that much has changed since I read it with an innocent mind at 14...I certainly saw the point at which my morals would have kicked in these days, but perhaps she was hurt too much by Rodolphe...which I can identify with... I certainly won't be going down the route she took after that.

The rest of the book has the entire transcript of the books trial in it...I shall read it later.

As it is, it's now 7pm or thereabouts and I am only just out of bed after several confusing dreams about acting in various 'Near Dark' style films and recording some 'Anti Drugs' type song with about 50 people in a room with some shitty sound equipment...

The night before I dreamt I was a jaguar running after a lion, and we were both being chased to a house through the amazon jungle by a town-load of south americans with torches...and then I went to a boarding school, had the bed in the corner of the dormitory and was haunted by friendly monsters and spirits because I was a child witch...

Most peculiar!!!

I had made arrangements to go out to Zero's tonight (gay club) with my friends. I've not put in an appearance since last September and I was rather keen to catch up with some people...but right now, I really can't be bothered again. It's that cold, dark lethargy...I suppose I ought to do some tidying, maybe...or the dishes or laundry or something.

For now I'll just sit here on TEH INTERWEB and pass the time listening to some good music.

Like what?

Hmmm...let's see...


Borrowed from pistorius:

Virginia Woolf
You are Virginia Woolf! You were openly bisexual
and had public affairs, but you never liked
sex. You wrote a seminal feminist work, long
before feminists knew that they were feminists.
In this vein, you never really considered
yourself a feminist. You were a tragic figure,
but a damn genius.

Which Western feminist icon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

How true!!

Virginia Woolf -- a major British novelist, essayist, and critic-- was one of the leaders in the literary movement of modernism. This elite group also included Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and T. S. Eliot.

In her works, she used a technique called "stream of consciousness", revealing the lives of her characters by revealing their thoughts and associations.

Her most famous novel, "To the Lighthouse", which was written in 1927, examines the life of an upper middle class British family. It portrays the fragility of human relationships and the collapse of social values.

She was also a feminist, socialist, and pacifist who expressed her beliefs in essays such as "A Room of One's Own".

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