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I ought to go to bed...

I got back from work about an hour ago...sat there all night feeling somewhat hungover and ill despite taking ibuprofen again...

Discovered via a text that I'd rung at least two people when I came home drunk at 4am New Years Day...I honestly have no recollection of doing so AT must have been seconds before I passed out quite literally.

The only evidence I have of making these calls is the 'Call Register' on my phone...I hope to god I didn't leave any embarrassing voice mails:/

The canteen was quadrant staff as it was New Year's Day/Night...thankfully I took a bread roll and a cup-a-soup to work with me, and got a packet of crisps from the machine. I gave the crisps to Jui-ehh!! as I couldn't stomach them after eating half the bag...

There was hardly any mail to key, so we spent most of the night doing a cryptic band names quiz...Mary, Jean, Angela and myself finished all 70 of them...clues such as 'BA, Bsc, BEd = Three Degrees' or 'Clergyman in Iceland = Deacon Blue' and 'Aviator Protesters = Flying Pickets'...

The best one was 'Manweb Bulb Band = Electric Light Orchestra' (Manweb is the Manchester/Northern Electricity Board)...most of the bands listed were 80's and earlier so it ruled out the younger team members being able to play. Passed the time effectively tho...

Bit bored now, updated my Everquest account and then found some jolly quizzes to do...

I expect I shall go to bed in half an I got up so late I am not very tired now, since I have only been up 12 hours.

Ho hum.


M.C. Escher
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Your drawings often depict images, which seem to be
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You are happiest when you are exercising your mind.
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You most likely are a Sagitarrius, Gemini or Cancer.

You most likly have a goth, punk or emo edge to you. You are street smart and tough.

You mostly enjoy shows that are really super goofy and crude like Jackass and Punkd.

You like horror stuff.

Music is extremely super important to you.

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