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Start as You Mean To Go On....gwan gwan gwan GWAN!!!

VampGirl arrived home this morning at approximately 4am, having had a perfectly riotous evening out with wildgift93, etceterate, sadiecakes, suzybabyyeah and Brian...

She had drunk far far too much red obscene amount...must have been a few bottles...not to mention the fizzy glass of Moet (I said "BOLLY!!" Darling!) when the little hand touched the big hand of Big Ben...

She squealed loudly when everyone set the party poppers off...and pulled her own at arms length in fear. When the fireworks started, she was thankful that she was safely indoors...

Earlier this morning, falling into bed, her world spinning around her, she felt that she'd experienced the BEST New Year's party for a very very long time...


Today, VampGirl has mostly been sick.

Very very sick.

Disgustingly sick.

Undigested red wine sick...coupled with a pounding throbbing head the like of which she has never experienced before...

Even the Ibuprofen wouldn't stay down.

As a result of this, VampGirl chose to remain in bed, in the dark, with a pillow over her face until 6pm, and is only now half dressed, cursing the fact that she has to go to work at 9pm as usual.


Well, here's 2004....and VampGirl's primary resolution is 'No More Red Wine for at least a WEEK!!'

She has thoroughly considered this, and has come to the conclusion that resolutions are best made on a weekly basis...perhaps a tryout period. Stick or Twist, that kind of thing.

Ho hum. Cigarette and a nice cup of tea.

Gwan GWAN!!!

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Your name:vampgirl
Your haiku:and i ought to go
to bed monday a weekend
of red wine abuse
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