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Visions of Hell...including pasties and the plague...

I just crawled out to the corner shop with my snoopy nightshirt tucked into baggy black velvet theatre trousers and hidden under a big black jumper...I wonder if the shopkeeper noticed?

Hopefully not.

I'm not doing a show this afternoon...was supposed to be, but my double is doing it for me...reason being...I am suffering from an ague...

Well, a nasty cold to be honest...I'm a *bit* coughity and hoarse, and have a stuffy head...last night I was shivering and hot/cold under two duvets, and convinced I was going to expire...

Two ibuprofen on half a bottle of mulled wine seemed to got me off to sleep at least, since I am still in 'night shift' mode, unable to sleep til 7am most nights/days...

I have work tonight, tommorrow I am supposed to be doing my last two shows for Panto...I won't be doing the evening one, as I have not made prior arrangements for being late for work...and I'm not sure I'll be 100% to do the afternoon one either...


I do intend to be better by New Year's Eve I'm going to a I'm just laying low and dosing up on vitamin c and trying to eat...

I just forced myself to eat half a was FOUL!! But it was the only hot thing they had at the shop...remind me NEVER to risk it brought back to me the reason why I don't eat them. In a word...DISGUSTING!!!

I wouldn't feed it to the dirty pigeons!!

I don't know how the plebs in this city manage to stuff their faces with them daily...I shall have to recompense with some tuna-ey, tomato-ey pasta later.

Ho hum.

On an artsy-fartsy note...what's your favourite painting of all time?

Mine's this one:

Hieronymus [Jerome] Bosch (Dutch, 1450-1516), The Garden of Earthly Delights (triptych), c. 1500, Prado, Madrid.

The central panel : Garden of Earthly Delights (Ecclesia's paradise)

Left wing: The Earthly Paradise (Garden of Eden)

My favourite part of this painting is Bosch's depiction of Hell...the details in it have me absorbed for hours and have fueled my creative dreams and nightmares for years and years. I'll never tire of looking at it!! :

Right wing: Hell

That little creature with the armour and bits of body hanging off fascinates me...

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